Key Differences between Credible and Non-Credible Sources

So you are assigned a task to write a research paper or an essay and you have been working hard on it, since your grades depend upon it. Remember when you were assigned a task to write an essay or research paper and the first thing your instructor would mentioned was to use credible resources only in write my essay?. Of course, after listening to the instructions of your professor you must have searched the internet and filter out the resources that you thought are best suited for your essay or research paper.

But what if I tell you that most of the resources that you have selected merely claim to be authentic when in reality these are just the biased opinions of the authors? Also, many online sources contain facts that are not even proven yet. You must be worried after hearing this information but believe me most of the resources on the internet are fake.

I know in your mind you must be thinking about how to spot the non-credible resources. Well, do not worry I am here to help you out. Below is the list of gpa calculator differences between credible and non-credible sources that will guide you the next time you want to write an essay.

Credible resources

  • Materials published in well-reputed journals.
  • Peer-reviewed articles are credible.
  • Articles that can be searched on google scholar and semantic scholars are credible.
  • Websites that end with gov. or edu.

Non-credible resources

  • Blogs posts.
  • Wikipedia (it can be edited by anyone)
  • Research articles or papers without citations by essay writer.
  • Websites that end with .com, .net and org. etc.

How to check the credibility of a source?

Credible websites are typically funded or owned by the government or universities or even organizations. If you want to check the credibility of a website then the first thing you need to do is to look for author information. In most credible sources you will be able to find the author’s email address or the institute they are affiliated with. The sole fact that the author is ready to stand behind the information provided in the research is an indication that the facts presented are reliable in research paper topics.

Another thing you can notice to check website credibility is writing style. Poor grammar and spelling errors raise a red flag that the website is not authentic. Also, look for citations. If a research paper has proper citation then it is credible if there is no information regarding the source of fact or argument then the website is not credible.

You can also check the credibility of a research paper if the arguments presented are unbiased and all the arguments presented contain proper references. Moreover, always take into account the type of audience that the research article is intended for. If an article is intended for an academic audience of college essay then it will surely be reviewed by multiple peers. In case the impact factor of the research paper is high then it must be cited in several other research papers or articles as well.

I know this information is a bit overwhelming but there is no problem in the world for which a solution is not available. You can use credible writing services where you can get free essays and samples that can help you in understanding the difference between credible and non-credible resources.

Unreliable resources contain forged information that is neither true nor up-to-date. Using these sources in your research paper or even in your essay generator can question your credibility and can even result in low grades.You will also learn how credible resources elevate the standard of your academic writing.

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