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Teaching Normal People about Wine, with Caroline Conner

Season 3, Ep. 71

Caroline Conner is an American entrepreneur living in Lyon, France. She is the woman behind Wine Dine Caroline — a company all about enjoying wine and learning about it in the most accessible way. She’s just the kind of wine lover I want to have as a friend because she doesn’t stand for snobbery, but her knowledge of wine — everything from the science specifics to historical background — is incredible. She has her WSET diploma, over 12 years of experience in the industry, and is currently pursuing her master of wine.

In this episode, we talk about why she’s focused her wine knowledge and educating us normal people ;) and why she loves living in Lyon, France. In the latter part of the show, I got a little nerdy with her, asking about some specifics of how Italy’s wines differ from France’s wine. (I loved her breakdown of Champagne versus Prosecco!) All that and much more, in this episode!

Show Notes:

Wine Dine Caroline’s Food & Wine Pairing PDF Download: 

Wine Dine Caroline’s Video: “Sulfites in Wine - Are Sulfites Bad For You?”

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