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  • 83. 83 - Fundamentals are everything!

    83 - Fundamentals are everything!83 - Fundamentals are everything - it all starts and ends with the fundamentals. After a recent Martial Arts tournament, I realised just how important fundamentals are to take your karate (kata) from good to great! www.karateovercoffee.comPlease subscribe and support the poddy!

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  • 82. 82 - What I learned in Okinawa

    82 - What I learned in OkinawaI spent a week training in Okinawa with some fantastic sensei and training partners. Join host Cheyne McMahon as he discusses his recent trip to Okinawa and what was learned!
  • 81. 81 - My trip to Okinawa, Japan, and Korea

    81 - My trip to Okinawa, Japan, and KoreaI am about to board a plane to Okinawa, Japan and then off to Korea to meet up with some friends, train in karate and kobudo, and generally have an awesome time.
  • 1. 80 - Ryukyu Kobudo with Joe Swift

    Join host Cheyne McMahon and special guest Joe Swift in our latest episode as we dive deep into the world of RyuKyu Kobudo and Karate. Joe brings his vast knowledge and experience, sharing fascinating insights about traditional Okinawan martial arts, their history, and techniques.Whether you're a Kobudo enthusiast or just curious about the discipline, this episode is packed with intriguing discussions and insights. Don't miss out!
  • 79. 79 - Why I Started BJJ

    79 - Why I Started BJJ I had been thinking about starting BJJ for quite a long time, and it took one incident to make me realise I NEED to start training in BJJ!
  • 78. 78 - The State of Karate in Australia

    78 - The State of Karate in AustraliaJoin host Cheyne McMahon as he discusses the state of Karate in Australia - a large split in the AKF, a review of Australian Open and Qld State Championships, as well as thoughts on WKF rules and a possible new competition
  • 77. 77 - Too Much Kata

    77 - Too Much KataToo Much Karate and Not Enough Karate TrainingJoin host Cheyne McMahon as he discusses his recent thought about the amount of kata found in his syllabus, and which kata to keep!