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  • 1. KFM 3: Testify

    We invite you to join our humble congregation for a sermon on the danger of those seven deadly sins - and be sure to open your purse strings as thanks in the name of our Lord!K I L L FM is the brainchild of a bunch of audio drama creators who wanted to make some weird fiction and would be damned if anything would get in their way...Transcripts and segment credits, descriptions, and links are available on: kill-fm.comContent Warnings: Heavy themes and portrayal of Christianity-based religion, heavy themes and portrayal of prosperity gospel, portrayal of a tent revival sermon, passages from the bible, strong and explicit language, the sin of sloth, the sin of greed, the sin of envy, the sin of lust, the sin of gluttony, the sin of pride, the sin of wrath, blasphemy, public humiliation, corpo speak, police, corporate payoffs to local authorities, job loss, reference to nudity, chewing and mouth sounds, mysophobia and fear of uncleanliness, mob mentality, delusions, hallucinations, grief, loss, bereavement, many eyed entities, allusion to schizophrenia, monetary exploitation and manipulation, gender dysphoria, non-consensual body swapping, themes of anger and revenge, emotional abuse and manipulation, discussion of exorcism and demons, accusations of witchcraft, speaking in tongues, sexual allusions and innuendo, heavily implied masturbation, mention of sex work in a derogatory fashion, body horror, sounds of explosions, thunder, and lightning, insect noises, sound of wings flapping, sound of sirens, sound of tinnitus ringing, loud eldritch sound effects, allusion to bugs and corpse decomposition, depiction of victim blaming, references to child endangerment, perceived descent into madness, threats of and depiction of torture, harm to domestic cat, sounds of struggle, trauma and PTSD, themes and descriptions of war and warfare, stalking, abusive marriages, description of house fires, violence towards prisoners, sounds of gore and graphic violence, explicit death threats, depiction of gun violence, death, premeditated murder, sounds of chewing flesh and choking and vomiting, discussion of and allusion to necrophilia, suicidal ideation, depiction of self-harm, and self-cannibalism.Content warnings as they relate to each segment can be found on the website: I L L FM 3This special sermon features (in order):Station 151, Hello From the Hallowoods, Ain't Slayed Nobody, BE NOT AFRAID & The Pantaloon Society, Rapture 518, and No Return.If you are interested in taking part in a future installment of KILL FM, please fill out this interest form: FM is conceptualized and organized by Joseph Rutledge, Saph the Something, Derrick Valen, and Jessica BersonThis installment's connective script was written by Joseph Rutledge, Derrick Valen, and Saph the Something and performed by Waymon Alexander as the Pastor and Nathan Lunsford as Mr. Dougherty.Theme song, finished editing/production, and cover art by Joseph Rutledge

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  • 11. KILL FM Showcase 14: The Storage Papers

    KILL FM is produced by: Jessica Berson, Joseph Rutledge, Saph the Something, and Derek Valen.https://www.kill-fm.comYou’re listening to The Storage Papers. Episode 1: Baby CriesThere’s something inside us that compels us to respond when we hear a baby crying. A wide range of feelings may affect us when we hear it, from sympathy to anxiety, and even frustration and helplessness- especially if you’re a parent who can’t seem to figure out how to get the crying to stop. Crying is the universal queue for infants to communicate they have a need, a need which they themselves are unable to fulfill. The only thing we all know initially is that some kind of action must be taken. As I read the following account, try to imagine how you would respond given the same circumstances.Transcript & Shownotes
  • 10. KILL FM Showcase 13: The Love Talker

    Even after all these years, Earl doesn't understand Hiding Day.The Love Talker is a folk horror audio drama that launches in 2023. Visit for more information. Instagram: @the_love_talker​Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets. 1: Ers Ers#2311Ghost 2: Devyn Boerdevynrboer@gmail.comPa: W. Keith TimsEarl: MT Goins
  • 9. KILL FM Showcase 12: Morbid Forest

    This has been a Morbid Forest Production. On this week's episode you've heard "Employees from Hell. Written by Naomi Richards with narration by Naomi Richards, Matthew Trevino, Kyle Bone, Jordan Hollingsworth, Ryan from the Demon Creep Creepypasta story telling YouTube channel, and Shawn Moreau.A special thanks and S/O to Ryan of the Demon Creep Creepypasta story telling Youtube channel for lending your voice to our show. We hope to have you back soon! Need something to fill the time between MF episodes? Then heard over to YouTube or Spotify and check out Ryan's creepy pasta tales. They are sure to scratch all your terrifying itches. featured this episode:"Ashes" The Bridge City Sinners"Midnight Club" Reversus"Participation Trophy" Dylan Sitts"Both Shoes Gone Walking'" Moss HarmanThanks for listening, and we'll see you next week travelers on the Morbid Forest.---Support this podcast:
  • 8. KILL FM Showcase 11: Syntax

    Yanus Base receives an alarming message from Echo Team. Meanwhile, Breacher Team Alpha celebrates the end of their mushroom colony hopping adventure, while making many other discoveries. Finally, there's nothing left to do but head back home.Links to our social media and transcripts below.Directed & Produced by Stella "Rowan" OdomWritten by Ty VonEdited by Stella "Rowan" OdomTy Von as Silas CaldwellBeth Sage Phung as Cassius ThatcherMorgie Bee as Elizabeth BellangerJules Christine as Alyx YardCody Burke as Greg WashburnRenee' Helsel as June DawsonElgin Smith as Jeremiah WoodsKaila Crockett as Miss VauxJoe Cliff Thompson as Steve BeckettAdditional Voices provided by Saph the Something, Gage Odom, and M. MolderSyntax Logo by Anthony CrockettTranscripts are available on our website. Direct link: Google DocWebsite: syntaxpodcast.comContact Us: twinstrangersproductions@gmail.comKo-Fi: twinstrangersp.tumblr.comContent Warnings:Mentions of: death, cryptids, humanoid figures, uncanny valley, grave robbery, heights, snakes, bears, hypnosis/trances, fungus, homicide, deep water, insanity, isolation, flatfish, deep sea creatures, spiders, succubus, wandering, being lostExplicit languageLoud noisesWhispersPanning AudioMemory LossScreams/BansheesWind noisesChiming noisesSquelching noisesPanic/High anxietyCryptid/penguin noisesFear of fallingHypnosis/trancesHummingSFX Provided by Soundsnap.orgSyntax © 2023 by Twin Strangers Productions is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.Message @roundfrog
  • 7. KILL FM Showcase 10: Project Gnosis

    Written and Directed by TYRESIDONSound Design by RAVEN2236Voiced by:CASSWILDCAT as FeiNIKO (the real eternal) as RizKURBZVO as FinnNIJITM as Aswang Witch/ReporterKARINA PMB as Ate DalisayENZO as Senator ReyesITSTHEPINOYBOY as Senator Garza/Human ThugsAEOLIANVOICEOVERS as HerodotusVisit: for more information. support Project Gnosis please visit them on Patreon:
  • 6. KILL FM Showcase 9: The Night Post

    Nicholas rides along with Milo for his evaluation, but their delivery to a possessive house is anything but routine. //This episode was written and produced by Tyler Anderson, and features him as Milo. Ethan Thomason is the voice of Nicholas.Music composed by Ethan Thomason.If you'd like to support the show, you can join us on Patreon ( and get benefits like bonus stories and early episodes. For one-time donations, you can buy us a coffee: nightpostpod@gmail.comTwitter: @nightpostpodTumblr: @thenightpostWith sound effects from these and previously credited artists at limwei, soundslikewillem, newlocknew, Migfus20, MedartimusCONTENT WARNINGS: loud noises, disembodied voices, death mention.For more information about KILL FM please