Jools and Jim's Joyride

This is Jools and Jim's Joyride. Join Jools Holland and Jim Moir as each week they invite a special guest to put on their seatbelt and take to the road, as they chatter with friends about transport, travel, trips and tittle tattle.

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  • 8. Brian Clarke

    Pulling into the bus garage and loading up on anti-freeze, Brian Clarke invites Jools and Jim to park up and stay put in the final Joyride of this series.The painter and stained-glass artist warns of the deadly nature of travel, before discussing architectural epiphanies, mid-flight mock mochas, and an unfaltering skill for identifying the cars of 1960s Oxford.Jim shares his father’s penchant for cheap petrol, while Jools laments the discrepancy in size between his car and its badges. The topic of backseat driving takes the front seat, and the three are faced with the ultimate conundrum: to wear trainers or not to wear trainers…A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast.Produced by Molly Stewart.

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  • 7. Manish Pandy

    Racing down the track and screeching to a halt outside the studio this week is writer, director and producer Manish Pandey: ready to take Jools and Jim from 0 to 160mph.From Lamborghini Countaches to Citroen 2CVs, trains in India to taxis in Greenwich – Manish takes Joyride’s transport motif very seriously. Plus, there’s a blast from the petrol crisis past, and Jim and Manish compare Airfix model counts.There’s an exciting cameo from a train horn (a treat for train fan Manish); and the three tackle topics such as Ayrton Senna, ill-designed chopper bicycles, and the contents of everyone’s wash bag…A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast.Produced by Molly Stewart.
  • 6. Miles Copeland

    Dialling in from the middle of nowhere, Jools and Jim are joined for a virtual Joyride this week by music executive and former Squeeze manager Miles Copeland. From military rejection to musical domination, Miles recalls a life spent on the road (when he’d much rather not travel at all) — featuring horse-riding photo opportunities and finding a bodyguard for Sting thanks to Jools’ foolish roadie. Miles explains why you can never write too many, plus the three contemplate a near miss with a chartered aeroplane, early CIA tactics, and the difference between CBeebies and CBGBs… A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast. Produced by Molly Stewart
  • 5. Ferne McCann

    With their arms out at the bus stop, this week Jools and Jim are joined by Ferne McCann in a double decker vehicle (without passengers).The model and presenter stuns Jools and Jim with a podcast first, meanwhile Jools praises the majesty of the Tower of London and talk turns to seafood – be it from Essex for Jools, Tokyo for Jim, or both for Ferne!There are tales of camper van chaos in Cornwall and tackling the roads of the Amalfi coast; and the three discuss the Earl of Essex’s legs, the difference between costumes and uniforms, and Ferne’s ultimate trick for remembering to drive on the correct side of the road…A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast.
  • 4. Nicky Haslam

    Jools and Jim take to the skies this week for a glimpse at the golden age of air travel with interior designer and socialite Nicky Haslam. Cowboys, Korean War dog tags and Marlene Dietrich feature as Nicky recounts a life lived lived on both sides of the pond. Meanwhile there’s an unlikely argument for smoking indoors, and Jools delights in AI mispronunciation of Old Kent Road. Nicky reveals his recipe for the perfect tipple, and the three consider what constitutes being “common’. Plus, there’s talk of proper air travel attire, why Russian generals’ hats bigger than everyone else’s, and Jim’s pig farm memories ride again… A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast. Produced by Molly Stewart.
  • 3. Tom Parker Bowles

    Jools and Jim are joined on their Joyride this week by food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles.Tom takes Jools and Jim on a journey by train, BMW, and motorised go-kart to supermarket nostalgia via evocative smells before spilling the beans on how to find the best eateries abroad.Jim proffers a culinary conspiracy theory, and Jools admits to a royally rail-based faux pas. Plus, the three discuss why walking is better than running, the difference between moles and moulds, and the demise of a good sandwich…A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast.Produced by Molly Stewart.
  • 2. John Cooper Clarke

    Performance poet and punk scene stalwart John Cooper Clarke joins Jools and Jim for the second Joyride of this series.From the Liverpool’s brutalist cathedral to an imaginary double-doored noodle bar, John whisks Jools and Jim off on a whimsical journey featuring missiles of Motown gossip, Bernard Manning’s personal manner and a rather “boring technique”.John extolls the virtues of inventing your own profession, and the three discuss Pam Ayres, the benefits of affecting an American accent, and superior swear words…A Dig! Studios / Warner Music Entertainment podcast.Produced by Molly Stewart.