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Turning a Brilliant Idea into a Profitable Business: The Story of Billie Kay Asmus

Ep. 125

What if a solution the market never thought of is in your head? 

In this episode, Billie Kay Asmus joins us to talk about how she turned a brilliant idea into a profitable business that helped her regain her freedom and spend more time with her newborn. Billie is the Founder and CEO of Repaint Studios and the creator of The Repaint Tray. In 2020, she quit her 9 to 5 and started a small business refinishing furniture; bothered by the plastic waste of traditional paint tray liners, she looked on Amazon for reusable ones. But there were none. A couple of months and several patent searches later, the first prototype of The Repaint Tray was born, but that was just the beginning of her journey. 

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear all about Billie's journey, from trying to fulfill a need to thinking of a product that didn't exist, attending Venture School, learning to pitch and sell her idea, and then solving the manufacture and distribution logistics. We also talk about Billie's upbringing, the artistic gene in her family, pitching competitions, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 126 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn everything about Billie's exciting adventure as an entrepreneur, problem solver, and inventor. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Billie's background and upbringing (3:10)
  • How come no one thought about this before? (6:00)
  • Billie shares her experiences in Venture School (11:50)
  • We never forget our first-ever pitch (15:00)
  • Billie explains what is The Repaint Tray about (22:20)
  • Billie's top tips for the inventors out there (31:00)

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    What's the farthest you went from your true essence pursuing someone else's acceptance? In this episode, we learn a lot about personal growth through self-acceptance by the guiding hand of Amanda Greaves. Amanda is an Author, Designer, Speaker, and Motivational Consultant who learned (the hard way) that the farthest you get from yourself, the more unfulfilled and unhappy you feel, regardless of how many boxes you tick on someone else's expectations list. Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Amanda's transformational journey, the price she paid for putting herself second in the line of priorities for so many years, and the moment she hit rock bottom and started betting on herself. Amanda also talks about her career as an interior designer, the award-winning company she created and grew, and the moment "The Chameleon Diaries," her soon-to-be-published book, was born. Additionally, Amanda shares her thoughts on personal development, healing, trauma recovery, empowerment through meaningful connections, and much more.Tune in to Episode 144 of the Joy Found Here and get inspired by Amanda's extraordinary story of resilience and bravery. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Amanda's backstory (3:00)The moment Amanda realized she needed to dig in deeper (7:10)The Chameleon Diaries is born (12:20)Avoidance leads to bad places every time (16:30)The importance of understanding YOU ARE ENOUGH (23:20)Owning our vulnerability can be liberating (28:40)You don't need to prove anything to anyone (35:50)Connect with Amanda:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInPre-order Amanda's book, The Chameleon Diaries: Designing A Life Worth Changing ForLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
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    What's the aspect of your life you identify with the most? Do you identify with your worthiness, intelligence, and badassery or your fears, insecurities, and health issues?In today's episode, the extraordinary Linda Brand teaches us to shake off the fear and step into our higher selves. Linda is a Spiritual and Empowerment Coach, Podcaster, Realtor, Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Gratitude Queen, and health & fitness lover. Despite being raised in a regular household with loving and supportive parents, Linda grew up full of fears. She spent many years suffering from health issues until she realized she was identifying herself as a sick person. Throughout this episode, Linda talks about when and how she understood the transformation she needed in her life had to come from within, what led her to realize the importance of what we identify ourselves with, and how she managed to shake off the fear of her. She also talks about how she started her coaching career and her show "Empowered, the Podcast." Additionally, she shared her morning routines, gratitude practice, and more.Tune in to Episode 143 of the Joy Found Here and learn how to shake off the fear of what you think you can't do and step into your true power. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Linda's background and what she used to identify with (2:40)Linda decides to shake off the fear (8:30)We all are worthy, we all deserve more (10:40)You must know what you want. Have your wishes lined up (18:10)How does Linda's morning routine look like (23:00)The importance of gratitude and visualization (30:50)Do your high-five things every day (39:10)Resources Mentioned:Book: Gina Devee - The Audacity to Be Queen: The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous LifeSonia Choquette booksBook: Joyce Mayer - Closer to God Each Day: 365 Devotions for Everyday LivingAsk Yourself These Questions Every Day | Gabby BernsteinConnect with Linda:WebsiteInstagramEmpowered, the PodcastLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
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    Eradicating old habits is a tough challenge; it doesn't sound logical, but we keep doing the things we know aren't good for us. The good news? There is no better time to try changing our habits than the next hour, meal, or day. The best time to change is any time; please keep that phrase close to your heart. Today, I'm thrilled to welcome Natalia García back to the show. Natalia owns Functional Nutrition and Wellness and is a Registered Dietitian, Functional Nutritionist, Food and Health Coach, Healthy Food Lover, and multi-certified nutrition and wellness professional. In her first appearance in the show, we learned about Natalia's journey into health and nutrition and the story of how she transformed herself after a full-blown eating disorder almost claimed her life. In this episode, Natalia guides us through a more compassionate and practical look at health and fitness New Year's resolutions. She shares her thoughts on the all-or-nothing approach to dieting and exercising, the best way to turn small changes into habits, and where most people fail when setting and going through their New Year's resolutions.Additionally, Natalia debunks the myths about protein, fat, and carbs consumption, explains eating habits' sustainability, the truth about weight and numbers no one is telling you, and more.Tune in to Episode 142 of the Joy Found Here and ensure you stick to your New Year's health and fitness resolutions for 2024. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Today is the day I start changing my life (2:40)Ask yourself: Is this habit lifting me up? (7:00)Why most people fail at their health and fitness New Year's resolutions (13:40)Losing fat vs losing weight. Is eating less effective to lose weight? (19:20)Natalia talks about the best protein and carbs sources (24:40)How sustainable are the eating habits you're about to implement in your life? (32:00)Three tips to improve your health right away (36:10)Connect with Natalia:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInFacebookEmail: natalia@fnwellness.comLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 141. Olea, the Magical Sleep Fairy: A Solution for Sleep-deprived Moms with Amy Wiebe

    Almost no one notices the small print in the motherhood contract until it is too late; it is a short phrase that reads: "Forget about sleeping for a couple of years." Women who have been stripped of their sleep will do anything for a night of peace and a well-rested morning.What would you do if you were sleep-deprived for five years? In this episode, I'm delighted to be joined by the Author, Creator, Mentor, and mother of six, Amy Wiebe. Amy's sleeping problems started when she was pregnant with Max, his oldest son; by the time Max was four, she hadn't slept in five years and had transitioned from the cute and lovely woman she had always been into a cranky and snappy person. Right before losing it, a light shone over Amy's head. There was indeed someone who could help her reclaim her sleeping hours; she just had to create it, and that's how Olea, the Magical Sleep Fairy, was born.Throughout this episode, Amy shares the behind-the-scenes of the creation of Olea, this mythological creature that came and restored the peace in Amy's house, some of the rules the Magical Sleep Fairy demands to show up, and the long-lasting effects Olea's teachings have into the sleeping routines of children. We also discuss motherhood, parenting's powerful ally: imagination, Amy's online programs and resources, and more. Tune in to Episode 141 of the Joy Found Here and learn more about Olea, the Magical Sleep Fairy, and how it can help you create nights of uninterrupted sleep and peaceful mornings. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Amy's life before the sleeping problems began (1:30)One day, the Magical Sleep Fairy had to be born (5:20)What are the rules for the Magical Sleep Fairy to show up (9:40)What makes Olea's ways so irresistible to children (12:00)What changed in Amy's life that made her bring Olea to life (15:20)Amy talks about her work with the Momas for Momas organization (23:20)What's next for Olea, and where would Amy like to take her (26:10)Connect with Amy:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 140. Unstuck for Women. How To Get In Charge of Your Happiness with Christy Holt

    Despite being well-intentioned, the voice chattering in our ears about how risky asking for that promotion can be or the thousands of ways things can go south if we start our own thing is doing a disservice to us. Doubt and overthinking think they are protecting us, but without a doubt, they are keeping us stuck. In this episode, I'm thrilled to be joined by The Happiness Hussy, Christy Holt, to talk about finding happiness, overcoming self-sabotage, parenting, and more. Christy is a Speaker, Podcaster, Author, and Adventure Guide on a mission to help women free themselves from self-doubt and, using Christy's Spiral Stopper Method, stop reacting, take control of their emotions, and build confidence and self-love. She authored "Unstuck (for women)," her debut book soon to be followed by "Unstuck (for relationships)," and hosts the Create Your Happy podcast. Throughout this episode, Christy shares tips and advice on overcoming self-sabotage and developing a more intentional living, setting boundaries for ourselves and others, and letting go of past regrets. She also talks about her past, how she got out of the place her self-doubt had built for her, the link between inner happiness and self-awareness, and how she came up with “The Spiral Stopper Method” that has helped hundreds of people take their lives to a better place.Additionally, you'll hear Christy's thoughts on relationships, parenting, personal growth, and much more.Tune in to Episode 140 and learn why Christy is convinced happiness is an inside job and that you already have everything you need to live your best life.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Christy's first steps in overcoming self-sabotage (2:40)Does being a mother get easier with time? (9:00)Christy talks about the tools available to live less reactively and more intentionally (13:50)Finding happiness in the journey (and not with the view at the top of the mountain) (17:40)About people pleasing origin and how to get it out of our system (24:30)How to let go of past regrets (and why you should do it) (33:10)The importance of setting boundaries for ourselves and others (42:10)Relationships are not a 50/50 thing (47:40)Resources:Book: Unstuck (for women)Create Your Happy podcastGet access to Christy's freebies!Connect with Christy:WebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedInLet's Connect:Website
  • 139. Multiply Your Revenue by Hiring A VA. Insights from AssistPro's Founder, Jenna Spencer

    Does this have to be done? Yes. Can I do it? Yes. Do I want to do it? No. Many entrepreneurs struggle with this more often than they'd like to admit, and most of them roll up their sleeves and get things done, hating every minute of it. The world would be different if there were a solution for this, wouldn't it? Oh wait, there is. In this episode, Jenna Spencer joins us to talk about the multiple benefits and solutions incorporating a Virtual Assistant can bring to our business. Jenna is the Founder of AssistPro®, a virtual assistant company that brings tailored solutions for busy professionals, executives, business coaches, and solopreneurs, granting them top-notch operational and administrative support. Despite her ascension in the corporate ladder, Jenna didn't feel fulfilled, so she decided to start her own thing. Fast forward almost ten years, AssistPro is a reference and leader in the segment. Throughout our conversation, Jenna talks about her experiences in the corporate world, what made her decide to start her own business, and how it was to grow a business when VAs weren't a thing yet. She explains both sides of the VA world, how to connect with the right one, and how to start working as one. You'll also hear her thoughts on detaching our emotions from the tasks we don't want to do as entrepreneurs, the importance of setting clear expectations, and why we must embrace delegating.Additionally, we discuss AI proper use, fractional work, VA pricing, what the future looks like for remote jobs, and much more.Tune in to Episode 139 of the Joy Found Here and learn more about this whole new way of getting things done quicker and better by someone who really enjoys doing them.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How being a Mary Kay kid influenced Jenna's life (4:10)The sweet flavor of seeing your effort being rewarded (13:00)What is fractional work (19:10)How to delegate correctly (24:30)Finding the balance between AI and human interaction with clients (33:00)How to start in the VA world (36:50)Jenna shares her thoughts on what we can expect from 2024 (43:10)The benefits of reverse engineering your goals (50:00)Resources Mentioned:Book - Gino Wickman: Traction: Get a Grip on Your BusinessConnect with Jenna:WebsiteLinkedInLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 138. Shredding Limiting Beliefs. Insights from Life Coach and Beliefologist Janine Durso

    We've learned that everything we want is out of our comfort zone, yet no one teaches us how to survive in the discomfort zone. Still, if we dig deep, there's nothing comfortable about the comfort zone; there is no comfort in unrealized dreams, in not being ourselves. The comfort zone is actually a lie; it is the known zone. Either way, there's only one exit, and it requires a change in our belief system, which our guest, Janine Durso, happens to know a lot about. In this episode, the inspiring Janine Durso invites us to shred limiting beliefs, reveal our true selves, and, through that discovery, promote personal growth and connect with a deep sense of realization and fulfillment. Janine is the Beliefologist, a Life Coach on a mission to help others bust their limiting beliefs and live their lives to the fullest. After years of a highly successful yet exhausting career in corporate, a statement from her cardiologist put Janine's life upside down: "You'll have a stroke if you don't slow down, not 5 years from now, no next year, now. Go back to your house and change your life immediately." Throughout our conversation, Janine talks about her transformation after that consultation with her cardiologist and the importance of creating a healthy work-life balance. You'll also hear about her discoveries on limiting beliefs and why it is so hard to get rid of them, how she dealt (and still deals) with her own, and her advice on going from reactive to creative mode. Additionally, Janine talks about why she became a beliefologist, the origin of the name, the four steps of the Beliefology Method, and much more.Tune in to Episode 138 of the Joy Found Here and learn more about Janine's formula to bust the limiting beliefs between you and who you were born to be. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Janine's background and transformation (4:30)What are you waiting for? (9:00)About the stories we have in our heads and need to unpack to set ourselves free (15:20)The four steps of the Beliefology Method (30:36)Everything you want is out of your comfort zone (37:25)Connect with Janine:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram