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The Reality of Raising Kids In the Year 2022 with Dr. Ashley Funk

Ep. 59

Are you a parent? If so, how has our world of increasing technology and repercussions of the global pandemic impacted your children? 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by Dr. Ashley Funk, a Licensed Psychologist. She is the Owner and Founder of Paradise Psychology in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Funk specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders and helping caregivers manage unwanted behaviors displayed by their children. She is also passionate about helping her clients improve their relationships

through open, effective communication and healthy boundaries.

Throughout this episode, Dr. Ashley talks about her work with children to help them navigate the crazy, modern world of overstimulation, technology, and life after a global pandemic that uprooted their sense of normalcy. She shares what she has seen as the lasting impacts of the global pandemic in children’s behavior, how to set effective boundaries and consequences as a parent, how children learn from parents, and so much more. 

Tune in to Episode 59 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn from Dr. Ashley Funk about the reality of raising a child in 2022! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why parents come to Ashley seeking help (3:57)
  • Ashley’s reflection on the lasting impacts of the global pandemic on children (9:16)
  • How to set effective boundaries and consequences as a parent (18:20)
  • The importance of monitoring your child’s stimulation (26:54)
  • The mistake that Ashley sees first time parents make (37:42)

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