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The Realities of Running a Small Business with Nicole Chenault

Ep. 61

Do you want to monetize what you are passionate about? In this internet age, it’s possible to create a thriving business without any business premises or a team of employees.

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by Nicole Chenault, founder of Fbombs & Booze. Nicole quit her job after 17 years to start a business that adds unique messages, for different occasions, on drinkware. She’ll share with us her experience running a business that’s heavily reliant on customers acquired online. 

Throughout this episode, Nicole and I have an amazing conversation about what motivated her to start the business, Fbombs & Booze, and the role her support systems played in the initial stages. Nicole also shares with us some of the challenges that businesses that are heavily reliant on online orders face. Additionally, you’ll hear about some of her aspirations and what she is doing to make them come true. 

Tune in to Episode 61 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn from Nicole Chenault about the realities of running a small business. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why and how Nicole started her business (02:41)
  • Where you can find her products (16:56)
  • How she got her first wholesale customers (21:08)
  • What she plans to do and achieve for the rest of 2022 (29:09)
  • The impact that reviews have on online businesses (38:15)

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