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Success Is An Inside Job with Mary McGuire

Ep. 25

Do you ever wonder if you can achieve success in all aspects of your life? Here’s a secret... Success is actually an inside job. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the wonderful Mary McGuire. Mary is an author and an international business consultant, helping women to address all areas of their life with a focus on their careers. Mary’s book, The Female Edge, takes readers on a unique four-stage journey to help them take charge of their careers and pursue their leadership ambitions. Throughout this episode, Mary talks about how she changed her mindset about what success is, the inspiration behind her book, and the mission behind her work with women. 

Born in poverty, Mary did not have any expectations for her career. She started by working low-paying jobs with little to no opportunities to move up. Once Mary learned to leverage her people skills, she became a social worker first and later a business consultant. Although she was achieving more than she could’ve dreamed of, Mary found herself exhausted and burnt out. She began to reflect on her career and noticed how she had often progressed slower and been taken less seriously than her male colleagues. This was the inspiration for Mary to begin her work empowering women with her writing. 

Tune in to Episode 25 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn from Mary about redefining success and taking charge of your career!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Mary’s background (2:41)
  • How Mary began to redefine success (14:48)
  • The inspiration behind Mary’s book, The Female Edge (19:35)
  • About Mary’s writing process (34:43)
  • To be open to feedback (41:42)

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