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Reject The Circumstantial Power And Tap Into Your Inner Power with Christina Woods

Ep. 102

Guess what happens when you entertain the idea of achieving something great and, at the same time, tell yourself why you will never make it? Your mind ignores the whole thing; it can't deal with conflicting thoughts. 

In today's episode, I'm excited to welcome Christina Woods back to the show. Christina is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Empowerment Coach, and Reiki Master. She is also the CEO and Founder of Wise Woods Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

Throughout this episode, Christina and I have a fantastic conversation about boundaries, the power of journaling, how to embrace a what-if approach to life, and predictability vs. possibility. 

Christina talks about the goldmine we can find when we ask ourselves why we talk ourselves out of things, the energetics of boundaries, focusing on having more joy and stopping worrying about what we should do, and more. 

Tune in to Episode 102 of the Joy Found Here podcast and learn how to embrace the possibilities and forget about the probabilities. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Forget about the suppose and should be doing; replace them with KEEP doing (5:55)
  • Stop living in a world of probability and jump into the world of possibility (10:21)
  • How to change your life by embracing a what-if approach (19:10)
  • The power of journaling: Confront your thoughts with the real world (24:22)
  • Stop making everything about yourself (33:22)
  • Christina talks about what empowerment means to her (36:14)

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    We got used to thinking that life is that thing that happens while we are busy doing other things. We’re totally comfortable prioritizing visits with family, kids, our work, and seldom ourselves. No wonder why most of us experience burnout.In today's episode, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond joins us to share a valuable lesson: Making yourself your #1 priority is not selfish, it is a selfless act. Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates. She is also the creator and host of “Mental Health Moment with Dr. Hammond," and an International Best-selling Author. In her latest book, "Mindset Training," which is ready to be published in September of 2024, Dr. Hammond takes readers on a transformative journey toward holistic self-care, and living a more balanced, fulfilling life.We had a fantastic conversation about the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and the importance of self-care in addressing these issues. Dr. Hammond also shares practical tips for building a resilient mindset, explains why it is crucial to prepare ourselves for dealing with the lows and the highs of our lives, and why your mindset is a muscle you want to keep training.Tune in to episode 166 of Joy Found Here for Dr. Hammond’s best tips on building a bullet-proof mindset to support you when you are down and prevent you from getting dizzy when you are at the top.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Dr. Hammond's background and passion for mental health (3:00)Dr. Hammond talks about the pandemic’s impact on our mental health (5:50)Three questions you should ask yourself every day (10:30)The importance of taking a minute for ourselves during the day (15:10)Dr. Hammond talks about what led her to write her latest book (18:00)Why it is crucial to prepare our minds to deal with success (24:20)How did the pandemic transform the workplace (30:40)Connect with Dr. Nekeshia Hammond:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramYouTubeTwitterBook: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond - Mindset Training: Conquer Your Mind and the Rest Will FollowLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 165. It Takes A Woman To Empower Women. Inspiring Survivors Take the First Step with Johanna Crawford

    "If you have the guts to take the first step, the second step will show itself. You do not have to worry about the second or the third step; you will be on the path." - Johanna Crawford.In this episode, I'm joined by the inspiring Johanna Crawford. Johanna is the Author of "It Takes A Woman To Empower Women" and the Founder of Web of Benefit (WOB). This non-profit operated from 2004 to 2016 and awarded over 2200 grants to survivors of domestic violence in Chicago and Boston. Johanna, a survivor of domestic violence, or as she calls it, intimate terrorism, connected WOB with over 120 agencies in the US, 18 private foundations, and a donor base of 500 individuals. Her work has been recognized by The Massachusetts Conference for Women in 2010, CNN Hero in 2012, and the Purpose Prize in 2013.Throughout this episode, you'll learn more about Johanna's story and her passion for transforming the lives of thousands of survivors of domestic violence. Johanna also talks about how she helped women believe in their dreams, embrace their unique qualities, and build a life free of abuse.Additionally, Johanna shares her thoughts on prioritizing self-care, boundary setting, celebrating small wins, crafting a dream proposal, and much more.Tune in to Episode 165 of the Joy Found Here, learn more about Johanna's fascinating life, and discover why it takes a woman to empower women.In This Episode, You Will Learn:You are already enough, don't be normal, be unique (2:50)The importance of taking the first step (8:00)Johanna talks about the three parts of a dream proposal (12:10)Survivors need a belief buddy and need to become someone else's belief buddy (16:50)Johanna talks about why she decided to retire from WOB (24:40)No is a complete sentence (32:10)Connect with Johanna Crawford:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramTwitterFacebookBook: Johanna Crawford - It Takes a Woman to Empower Women: A Survivor's Guide to Creating the Life of Her DreamsLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 164. Behave Boldly. How To Prepare Yourself for Chasing Your Dreams with Elise Russell

    Not too long after Elise Russell's "Jerry McGuire moment," she realized she should've prepared herself better before leaving the safety of her corporate job to start her own thing. Ironically, those kinds of rookie mistakes make her such an authentic, relatable, and reliable character: everything she shares comes from valuable lessons learned the hard way.In today's episode, you'll have some answers for that inner whisper that keeps asking you: when are we starting our own business? Because Elise Russell, Founder of Pony Friday shares the wins and oops of her journey into entrepreneurship. Elise is a quick-witted speaker, creative director, award-winning copywriter, and author known for her bright ideas, work ethic, attention to detail, and sass.She is also the creator of the creative community, Kiss My Pony, the anti-social social media, or to put it in her words, a social media for creative introverts. Her book, Behave Boldly, is a frank, funny, and honest warts-in-all text that inspires its readers to chase their dreams, regardless of how big they are.Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Elise's adventure into entrepreneurship, her "Jerry McGuire moment," and the things she would do differently if she had to do everything again. Elise also talks about her experiences overcoming self-doubt and perfectionism, and the role resilience and emotional intelligence played in her entrepreneurial journey.Elise also gave tips for building a strong personal brand, explained why learning to sell a solution isn't enough, shared her thoughts on retirement, and much more.Tune in to Episode 164 of the Joy Found Here and prepare yourself to chase your dreams, regardless of how big they are.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Elise shares Pony Friday's origin story (4:40)What mindset is the right mindset to let corporate life go (10:00)What is Kiss My Pony and how did Elise come up with the idea of creating it (17:10)Our brand is there to speak for us when we are not around (24:50)Kiss My Pony, the anti-social social media for introvert creatives (32:00)Two things happen after you write a book (35:00)Connect with Elise Russell:LinkedInPony FridayKiss My PonyBook: Elise Russell - Behave Boldly: Your Dreams Won't Chase ThemselvesLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 163. Give Adulting A Break. How To Reconnect and Give Wings to Your Inner Child with Jonna Watson

    When was the last time you took your inner child to the park?In today's episode, I'm joined by Jonna Watson, School Psychologist, Momma bear of four, Podcaster, and children's book Author. Despite her innate love for crafting stories and participating in countless writing competitions as a child, Jonna sank into the endless to-do lists of adulthood and simply stopped writing. After much self-development and healing, Jonna brought back her old self, unearthed her writing habits, and reconnected with her inner child.Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Jonna's healing journey, her work to reconnect with her inner child, and her passion for teaching social concepts to kids through her books. You'll also hear Jonna's thoughts on the power of creative expression as a teaching tool, the intentional use of our time, and the importance of being mindful of our limits and boundaries.Additionally, Jonna talks about her books, the stories in her personal life that inspired them, connecting with our five senses to disconnect from stressors, the importance of giving ourselves permission to fail and be messy, and much more.Tune in to Episode 163 of the Joy Found Here and learn why allowing your inner child to come out and dictate the pace sometimes is all you need.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Jonna's healing journey (4:50)Why Jonna stopped writing and what made her get back to it (8:20)Connecting with your 5 senses to disconnect from stressors (13:30)The fascinating story that inspired Ruby the Rubberband (21:00)Jonna talks about the birth of "5 Minute Inner Child," her podcast (32:20)Jonna shares her thoughts on being intentional with our time (34:40)Connect with Jonna Watson:InstagramListen to the 5 Minute Inner Child podcastBook: Jonna Watson - Ruby the Rubberband Learns Her Limits: A Case of Being Too StretchyBook: Jonna Watson - A Great Lake's Tale: Superior Learns She's Part of the FlowLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 162. Is This Seat For Me? How To Work Our Way Around or Through Imposter Syndrome with Sheila Buswell

    One of the things that makes imposter syndrome so tricky is to make you believe you are the only one feeling that way. Even the most accomplished person you know, most likely second-guessed themselves and asked if not hundreds, thousands of times: am I good enough?If you have anything important to say to your imposter syndrome, you better do it today because, after today's episode, you might not see it again. I'm joined by the inspiring Sheila Buswell, CEO and co-founder of Buswell Biomedical, US Army Veteran, and author of "Is this Seat for Me?: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Everyday Life and Business."Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Sheila's journey from a medical discharge from the US Army to inventing a solution for those needing daily care. You'll also hear about the human tendency to make everything about us and how to deal with it, practical tips and advice to make imposter syndrome part of your past, and how to stop shoulding all over yourself.Additionally, Sheila talks about the spark that ignited her entrepreneurial side, the story behind her book, and much more.Tune in to Episode 162 of the Joy Found Here and learn more about Sheila's inspiring story and get the tools you need to recognize and nurture your strengths and overcome imposter syndrome.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Sheila, anywhere she'd like to start (1:40)Don't compare yourself to others (7:00)Why you must stop shoulding all over yourself (11:10)A bouquet needs all kinds of flowers (16:00)How to talk yourself out of negative self-talk (22:30)Asking the real questions: Would this matter in a year? (27:20)Connect with Sheila Buswell:WebsiteLinkedInBook: Sheila Buswell - Is This Seat for Me?: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Everyday Life and BusinessBuswell BiomedicalLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 161. Brave New Beginnings. How To Turn A Mid-life Crisis Into the Best Part of Our Lives with Dr. Breese Annable

    The perfect moment for a pivotal change in your career exists: it is whenever you are ready for it.In today's episode, Dr. Breese Annable joins us to shed some light on the many changes mid-life women go through that aren't talked about a lot, either considered taboo or simply ignored to "avoid making others uncomfortable:" Dr. Annable is a Licenced Clinical Psychologist, Women's Coach, and Empowerment Advocate on a mission to help professional, ambitious women in their 40s to gain the courage and clarity to pivot in their careers. She created "Brave New Beginnings," a 12-week coaching program designed to empower mid-life women to reignite their passion for their jobs.Throughout this episode, Dr. Annable shares her mid-life crisis experience, the changes it produced in her life, career-wise, and how she managed to reframe the challenges she faced as opportunities for growth. You'll also hear Dr. Annable's thoughts on embracing change and betting on mid-life changes, the importance of adopting a beginner's mindset, why it is so hard to juggle our true identity and societal expectations, and much more.Tune in to Episode 161 of the Joy Found Here and learn how to turn your wildest dreams about new beginnings into a palpable reality.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Dr. Annable, anywhere she'd like to start (3:10)Dr. Annable talks about her passion for helping other women find their purpose (7:20)Why do so many women experience mid-life crises in their careers (14:00)The price women pay for taking care of everyone but themselves (23:20)Why coaching is the shortest path to connecting with one's purpose (29:00)What is a beginner's mindset and why everyone should embrace it (32:10)Connect with Dr. Breese Annable:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 160. Wicks in the Wild: Turning a Move into a World Tour with Heather Wick

    Have you ever woken up one day wanting just to pack a bag and go to see the world? What is stopping you from doing it?After listening to today's episode, chances are you'll blow the dust from your bags, check if your passport is still valid, and whisper to yourself in a sigh, why not? Meet Heather Wick, Mom of three, the wife of a super cool husband, a Life Coach, and a world traveler. After COVID was over, and while Heather and her family planned a move from Arizona to Ohio, extraordinary circumstances conspired to create a one-year hiatus while waiting to relocate to their new house. What did they decide to do with that time? Travel.Throughout this episode, you'll hear everything about the Wicks' 13-month journey around the world and their experiences visiting 4 continents and 22 countries. Heather shares details of how they dealt with their kids' education, their budgeting strategies, how they picked where to stay and for how long, and many other juicy details about their trip.Tune in to Episode 160 of the Joy Found Here and get inspired by Heather's story to turn your wildest dreams into unforgettable moments for you and your family.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Heather, anywhere she'd like to start (3:10)If you had a year and didn't have to be anywhere. What would you do? (7:10)Where to stay and for how long when traveling? (14:00)Heather shares tips for traveling with small kids (24:20)How many bags is too many bags for a long trip? (30:50)What did the coming back home look like? (40:30)Connect with Heather Wick:WebsiteWicks in the Wild's websiteWicks in the Wild's InstagramLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 159. The Self-Empowering Path: Insights on Authenticity, Resilience, and Community with Gina Zapanta

    There is a before and after in our lives once we understand we don't "have to" do things, but rather, we "get to."Today, the pod shines with a brighter light thanks to the mesmerizing energy of our guest, Gina Zapanta. Gina is a mom of four, a Life Coach, an Author, a Motivator, the Co-founder and CEO of ZA Lawyers, and the Founder of Empowered with Gina. She is passionate about empowering others through education, motivation, and community-building and is relentless in her pursuit of helping community members access quality education and opportunities.Throughout this episode, you'll hear Gina's thoughts on the importance of letting go of labels as a self-empowering movement, the transformational attributes of community, and how challenging sticking to our authentic selves can sometimes be. Gina also talks about her rebirth after her divorce, her strategies to balance work and life, the daunting start of her coaching career, and much more.Tune in to episode 159 of Joy Found Here and discover the transformative power of waking up every morning knowing you are living the life you want.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Gina, anywhere she'd like to start (2:50)About making difficult but necessary choices (8:30)"You are living the life you want to have" (16:20)Gina talks about the massive importance of community (24:20)"You cannot do it all but you can have it all" (28:50)Gina shares some of her self-care practices (30:00)Connect with Gina Zapanta:InstagramLinkedInTikTokYouTubeJoin The Empowerment Collective!Join the LLBA - Financial Workshop: "Building Wealth from Any Starting Point on June 10thLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram
  • 158. The 6570 Project. How To Get Our Daughters Ready For This World with Nellie Harden

    Does the thought of having only one chance to raise your daughter properly keep you awake at night? What if I told you you don't have one but 6,570 chances to do it?In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the extraordinary Nellie Harden. Nellie is a Wife, a Mom of four beautiful daughters, including a set of twins, a Speaker, and an Author on a mission to change the world, one living room at a time. She is the creator of The 6570 project, the Author of 40 Scriptures & Conversations to Have When Raising Daughters, and a passionate advocate for helping parents raise empowered women rooted in their worth, esteem, and confidence.Throughout this episode, Nellie shares dozens of mic-dropping insights about parenting, emotional intelligence education, and kids' and adolescents' social media consumption. Nellie also talks about the 6,570 days of childhood in which every parent has the opportunity to do their best in raising their children, the importance of acknowledging every child is different and requires a unique parenting approach, the dangers of comparisons, the five pillars of worth, and much more.Tune in to Episode 158 of the Joy Found Here and get the tools you need to be as intentional as possible and make the most of the 6,570 days you have to raise your children.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Nellie and how she developed her passion for helping parents raise their children (3:10)Being intentional on every day of the 6,570 is imperative (12:00)The purpose of childhood is getting ready for adulthood (15:30)Each child is different. Focusing on your child's uniqueness to raise them properly (20:40)You are not raising a child, you are raising a person (29:00)The five pillars of worth (31:10)Children and social media. Nellie shares insights and advice (37:20)What is the Daughter Decoder and how it can help you raise your daughter (48:00)Connect with Nellie Harden:WebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTubeGet a spot in Nellie's Mastermind, The Daughter DecoderGet Nellie's book, 40 Scriptures & Conversations to Have When Raising DaughtersLet's Connect:WebsiteInstagram