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Rediscovering Identity Outside of Being “Mom” or “Dad” with Jason McCleery

Ep. 55

As parents, our children are our top priority. However, it IS possible to still be connected to your passions, hobbies, and overall identity outside of being an amazing parent. 

In this episode, I am thrilled to be joined by Jason McCleery. Jason is a coach, podcaster, husband, and father of three who is passionate about personal development. After his children were born, Jason found himself struggling with his identity beyond “Dad” and husband, sparking the inspiration to build a community for other fathers who are feeling similar. This led Jason to creating The Epic Dad Podcast and a coaching group in which he helps other fathers who are feeling lost or stuck and rediscover their identity outside of being a father. 

Throughout this episode, Jason and I talk about his journey to rediscovering his identity outside of being “Dad” to his three children and why he is passionate about helping other fathers do the same. Jason talks about the action steps he took towards transformation, why he decided to start his podcast, the parenting dynamic between him and his wife, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 55 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn the importance for all parents, whether “Mom” or “Dad”, to rediscover their identity! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Jason’s background and his passion for helping other fathers (3:20)
  • The actions Jason took towards mental and physical transformation (13:54)
  • Why Jason decided to start The Epic Dad podcast and his coaching group (21:45)
  • The parenting dynamic between Jason and his wife (28:32)
  • Some of Jason’s favorite podcast guests he has interviewed (36:34)

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