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Making The World Our Classroom with Lainie Liberti

Ep. 63

What alternative education options have sparked your curiosity? Some of the best learning experiences can only happen when we step outside of the conventional classroom. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the captivating Lainie Liberti. Lainie is a best selling author, international speaker, teen mentor, alternative education advocate, and mother to her son Miro. She has chosen to educate Miro through a concept she called “worldschooling”, turning rich experiential learning, cultural immersion, volunteering and leadership into his school. Liberti has spoken about worldschooling on the TEDx Edu stage in Amsterdam, published her book Seen, Heard & Understood, Parenting and Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health, and has co-foundered Project World School with Miro along with additional courses and programs. 

Throughout this episode, Lainie and I have a wonderful conversation about her journey and experience parenting Miro through worldschooling. She talks about her former career at a successful branding agency and the series of events that led her to dive headfirst into worldschooling Miro. Lainie also shares the changes she made to her parenting when Miro became a teenager, how the pandemic taught her to be more intentional, and what is coming up next for Project World School. 

Tune in to Episode 63 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn all about worldschooling from Lainie! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Lainie’s former career at a branding agency (3:35)
  • How Lainie had to reprogram the parenting style she had learned (16:07)
  • About the traveling lifestyle Lainie and her son have pursued (18:43)
  • The parenting pivot Lainie made when her son became a teenager (24:15)
  • How Lainie became intentional about launching courses during the pandemic (31:06)
  • About the exciting upcoming projects Lainie is working on (40:34)

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    What if a solution the market never thought of is in your head? In this episode, Billie Kay Asmus joins us to talk about how she turned a brilliant idea into a profitable business that helped her regain her freedom and spend more time with her newborn. Billie is the Founder and CEO of Repaint Studios and the creator of The Repaint Tray. In 2020, she quit her 9 to 5 and started a small business refinishing furniture; bothered by the plastic waste of traditional paint tray liners, she looked on Amazon for reusable ones. But there were none. A couple of months and several patent searches later, the first prototype of The Repaint Tray was born, but that was just the beginning of her journey. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear all about Billie's journey, from trying to fulfill a need to thinking of a product that didn't exist, attending Venture School, learning to pitch and sell her idea, and then solving the manufacture and distribution logistics. We also talk about Billie's upbringing, the artistic gene in her family, pitching competitions, and much more. Tune in to Episode 126 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn everything about Billie's exciting adventure as an entrepreneur, problem solver, and inventor. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Billie's background and upbringing (3:10)How come no one thought about this before? (6:00)Billie shares her experiences in Venture School (11:50)We never forget our first-ever pitch (15:00)Billie explains what is The Repaint Tray about (22:20)Billie's top tips for the inventors out there (31:00)Connect with Billie:WebsiteInstagramTikTokLinkedInLet's Connect:Website