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How To Detect, Deal With, And Reverse Burnout with Andi Clark

Ep. 104

What happens when we are so used to stress that our mind starts seeing everything as a fire? 

In this episode, I'm thrilled to chat with Andi Clark. She is an Executive & Corporate Stress, Sleep, and Burnout Coach, the CEO of 911 Lifestyle, an Endurance Coach for First Responders, an International Speaker, a Wife, a Mother, and the Host of the Burnout Expert Podcast. 

Throughout this episode, Andi kindly shares bits of her knowledge about burnout, its origin, the best ways to avoid it, and practical tips to reverse it. We delve into the aspects of taking care of our physical health, the importance of seeking joy, nurturing positive thoughts, and the natural paths to building our resilience muscle. 

Additionally, Andi talks about diagnostic testing to evaluate burnout levels, the crucial importance of growing healthy sleeping habits, the many elements that cause burnout before the burnout crash, her work with first responders, and so much more.

Tune in to Episode 104 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear more about the best ways of dealing with burnout.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Andi's burnout story (3:50)
  • Stress comes in many forms (11:00)
  • The physical aspect of health is much more than just "keeping yourself active" (15:40)
  • When our mind sees everything as a fire (18:10)
  • The importance of building healthy sleeping habits (22:50)
  • Andi talks about burnout's diagnostic testing (27:20)
  • Burnout starts way before the burnout crash (32:10)

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