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Make me coffee x Armenia x Jouïr x Media Initiatives Center (ENGLISH)

"Make me coffee", a 2'30 collective fiction podcast 


What is patriarchy in Armenia ? We created this audio fiction collectively through 4 sessions of 2 hours at Media Initiatives center in Yerevan, Armenia. Writers were mainly Armenian diasporas originated around 30 year-old living in Armenia.


This podcast aims at understanding internalized misogyny for both men and women. In a daily scene as making coffee, through an inner dialogue of a couple, we try to show the impact of patriarchy in relationships, family and at work in Armenia.


Written by Annie Akkam, Lori Injejikian, Dzovag Soghomonian, Mara Tatevosyan, Nelly Poliakov, Valentin Mahou-Hekimian, Constance Léon and Knar Khudoyan



English voices : Dzovag Soghomonian and Gabriel Ouzounian

Armenian voices : Dzovag Soghomonian and Alex Mikaelyan

Music and montage : Vardan Harutyunyan

Edits : Constance Léon

A Jouïr podcast

Thanks to Media Initiatives Center, Yerevan, Armenia

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