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Jokes with Mark Simmons

Michael Odewale

This week Michael Odewale tells us about his Live At The Apollo experience and three routines he's working on.

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  • Tour Talk - Custard Cream Heist

    There's a lot of tour chat to catch up on this week. Mark vents, Danny's had his feelings hurt and much much much more
  • Ollie Horn

    Ollie Horn enters the Jokes Podcast studio to discuss his new Edinburgh show, doing comedy in Japan & of course jokes.
  • Chelsea Birkby

    Chelsea Birkby joins the boys to chat about joke topics including the Kardashians, the cheeky girls, apples and much more.
  • Tour Talk - Back at it

    The boys are back on the tour and we hear all the gossip from Bath, Hemel, Salford & Ireland.
  • Bella Hull

    Bella Hull joins the boys to talk about her new Edinburgh show and some new joke ideas about winking and littering.
  • Tour Talk - Bad Gig & Jazzminton

    Mark and Danny discuss a terrible gig, Danny gets scammed and Mark tells a new joke
  • Daniel Connell

    Great joke chat this week with Australian comedian Daniel Connell. We go deep into three of his jokes that don't work consistently enough.
  • Tour Talk - Brisbane & New Zealand

    Mark & Danny catch each other up about what's been happening at gigs across opposite sides of the world.