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Jokes with Mark Simmons

Mark's Birthday

In this episode we celebrate Mark's birthday by chatting through birthday related jokes, Danny and Mark share an experience and we hear all about the UK Comics' Comic awards. #awooga

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  • James Redmond

    James Redmond joins us to chat about his transition from acting to stand-up, new material about being a father and at least 3 clangs! Enjoy!
  • Tour Talk - Melbourne Comedy Festival

    Mark & Danny catch up after over a month apart. We hear how Mark is getting on in Australia and if his three new movie jokes landed #awooga
  • Dave Ward

    Dave Ward joins the boys to chat about running a new material gig, shows insight into his unusual note keeping technique and they analyse 3 of his routines that never worked. #awooga
  • Alexandra Haddow

    Brilliant fun this week. Alexandra Haddow chats to the boys about an edgy routine, being an adult and jokes that she can't get to work #awooga
  • Imran Yusuf

    This week Imran Yusuf chats to the boys about similarities between comedy and the gaming industry, the origins of his dinosaur bit & of course, jokes that he couldn't get to work #awooga
  • Sooz Kempner

    Sooz Kempner joins Mark & Danny to chat about writing niche stand-up shows, jokes she can't get to work and we get a very racy last ten minutes of the podcast. No spoilers here!
  • Chris Martin Returns

    Chris Marting has a special out and tells us all about it as well as some new jokes he's working on #awooga
  • Sikisa

    Live At The Apollo's Sikisa joins the boys this week to chat about jokes that's she couldn't get to work, changes to material when performing on TV & lot's more #awooga
  • Tour Talk - Mr Dojangles

    In this episode we find out about Mark's taekwondo class, Danny's heckler and what did happen at the Eddie Izzard show. #awooga