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Jojo Sutherland

Great episode this week. Mark & Danny discuss whether cauliflower cheese in welcome on a roast dinner before Mark chats to Jojo in Melbourne about tweaking her set, importance of truth in her material and of course, jokes #awooga

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  • Edinburgh Fringe Round Up

    The Edinburgh Fringe is done so let's hear how it went. Mark & Danny chat about winning the Victoria Wood Award on behalf of Gareth, audience members falling asleep, playing to babies and dogs, and much much more #awooga
  • Abi Clarke

    Abi Clarke joins Mark and Danny to discuss comedic persona, missing photos and of course, jokes #awooga
  • Edinburgh Talk - Matt Bragg

    Matt Bragg joins Mark & Danny in their Edinburgh flat to discuss all things comedy, what to expect at the fringe and who's going to be performing at the Gareth Richards tribute show #awooga
  • Nathan Caton

    Nathan joins Mark & Danny this week to chat about everything weddings and what can go wrong at them. Lot's of material chat here. It's a fun one #awooga
  • Ali Woods

    Ali Woods joins Mark & Danny to chat about comedy watches, hair cuts and of course, jokes #awooga
  • Markus Birdman Returns

    Britain's Got Talent, annoying audience members and of course, jokes are the topic of this brilliant episode with Markus Birdman #awooga
  • Tour Talk - Backstage at the Leicester Square Theatre

    On this Tour Talk episode we chat about comedy competitions, pre gig rituals and of course, jokes #awooga
  • Fiona Ridgewell Returns

    Back by popular demand, Fiona returns to let us know how her fringe prep is going, we chat through one of her routines and have a good old fashioned laugh #awooga
  • Tour Talk - Backstage In Birmingham

    Mark & Danny are backstage in Birmingham at the Glee club chatting about more tour antics, frozen yogurt and of course, jokes #awooga