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#129) Your Ultimate Guide to Reach Out Messages | Lisa Lewis of Career Clarity

Season 1, Ep. 129

This is your ultimate guide to reach out messages on LinkedIn, email, and other channels! Because today, we’re going to talk in DETAIL about crafting the best reach out messages possible during your job search. 

Why you will want to listen to this episode:

  • Maybe you’re struggling with just what to say in your reach out messages.
  • Maybe it gives you anxiety to be met by rejection, and you’re just not sure how to message people.

Today I brought on Lisa Lewis, CEO of Career Clarity. According to her bio: “Lisa is an internationally recognized career change expert who has successfully coached more than 500 people through work transitions in 10+ countries. She has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and US News and World Report as a trusted thought leader on creating a fulfilling career path."

Here's what we cover:

  • When should we be sending reach out messages? Is there a good overall strategy for sending these messages?
  • What platforms should we be sending these messages out on?
  • What does a good reach out message look like in your opinion? (With EXAMPLES)
  • Follow ups: What if I didn’t get a reply that first time? The second time?
  • If you could tattoo one encouraging message for every anxious person applying for a job right now, what would that message be?

Resources mentioned in the show:

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