Career Warrior Podcast

The Career Warrior Podcast’s goal is not only to help job seekers land their dream jobs but to help them live their best life! You will hear motivational advice and job-hunting strategies from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide you through your career.

This show retells the stories, dreams, and struggles of successful career coaches, brave startup founders, and professionals who just want to bring light into everyone’s career paths. Hear how they fell into career pitfalls and how they climbed out of it in 30 to 40-minute episodes.

We cover the best career-related content by discussing all topics relevant to all entry-level applicants, mid-career candidates, and high-level executives — from the ideal resume page formatting to writing your own resignation letter. We want you to become the best professional you can be in your career!

Chris Villanueva

Chris Villanueva is the CEO and Co-founder of Let's Eat, Grandma, a resume writing service that was founded to help professionals land their dream job. Chris has helped thousands of job seekers through his service and perhaps tens of thousands more with valuable content released through talks, podcasts, and his company blog. Chris aims to be the #1 motivational and informational resource for job seekers by 2022.