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#151) Revving up Resilience | Ramona Shaw

Season 1, Ep. 151

Today, we’re going to talk about building resilience.

In my opinion, resilience is one of the most useful traits when it comes to having a successful career. If you wanna have a life worth living, it is not going to be easy. You will meet some major obstacles, and you need to know how to overcome them. This episode is not only one to help you in your job search, but I am sure if you take it to heart, you can apply it to other areas of your life as well. 

Today I brought on the amazing Ramona Shaw, Ramona is a certified professional leadership coach who helps managers become confident. Through coaching and training, she helps high performing leaders go further and faster by embracing leadership behaviors, skills, and habits that increase productivity, impact, and visibility. You can learn more about at if you want to read her bio. 

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#288) Dealing with Conflict | How to Increase Your Promotability | Tessa White

Season 1, Ep. 288
Before we get into today’s episode, I have breaking news. The Career Warrior Podcast has just teamed up with LinkedIn to join the pilot of their new program, the LinkedIn Podcast Academy. What does that mean? It means I am making a commitment to you, dear listener, to better engage with you and improve this show. We will be increasing to weekly episodes now, so if you’re subscribed, you will see a new episode every Monday morning. It also means you will see the logo LinkedIn presents on our show – because they are co-branded with us now! [Talk about how this means a lot]. So please subscribe to the show and make sure you’re following both myself and Let’s Eat, Grandma on LinkedIn to get the most out of the experience. Today, I brought on Tessa White also known as the Job Doctor.Tessa White is a former Fortune 50 executive and a 25-year human capital expert for fast-growth companies and mergers and acquisition strategies and is now the go-to career expert published in Forbes, Wall Street Times, Good Morning America, and USA Today. She also was recently named one of 2022’s top entrepreneurs to be inspired by in USA Today.She is known to more than 1,000,000 TikTok and Instagram followers as “The Job Doctor,”and you can find her under both platforms under ​​@jobdoctortessa, which I’ll link within the description. Tessa heard the cry for help and has created a much-needed guidebook with The Unspoken Truths of Career Success (HarperCollins Leadership, 2/28/23) to teach how to avoid career layoffs and traps and achieve greater wealth speaking directly to the Millenial and Gen Z audience who are competing for jobs at a rate not seen since World War II.ResourcesGet more help on your applications from Let’s Eat, GrandmaKnow more about Tessa, The Job DoctorCheck out The Unspoken Truths for Career SuccessFollow Tessa on Instagram and TiktokConnect with Emily on LinkedInFollow us:Follow Chris on LinkedInCheck us out on InstagramSubscribe to Let’s Eat, Grandma’s YouTube channel for video podcast highlights