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#123) Denise Hamilton: How Women Can Thrive at Work | Managing Mindset and Energy

Ep. 123

Today, we’re speaking to the women warriors in the audience about how they can thrive at work and live out the career of their dreams. We will talk about mastering our mindset, energy, and goals to advance our careers. 

We will touch upon...

  • How to let go of beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve you
  • How to take action to help you be your best self and propel yourself to success

My next guest, Denise Hamilton, is the founder and CEO of, a company that vows to become the #1 advice destination for women in the world. Denise is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and media personality who has presented to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and professional organizations all over the US. She is currently the host of Lifetime's "Project Comeback." 

She’s also worked as a professor of business communication and COO of Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, advocating for the advancement of women through leadership and mentorship.  

Here's what I ask Denise:

  • What are some specific internal challenges that women are dealing with in 2020?
  • You cite as helping to close the achievement gap for women. What causes achievement gap for women in the workforce?
  • You’ve interviewed hundreds of successful women executives, and you cite that the common thing that binds them is their ability to master themselves so they can master their world. Can you talk about what “Master yourself, Master your World” means? 
  • What’s mastering your mindset about?
  • Energy is a HUGE topic that we’ve covered before on this podcast. What nuggets of knowledge would you have for someone looking to manage their energy?

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