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#119) BIG BAD DEBATE: How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Season 1, Ep. 119

Today, we are staging a debate on how long your resume should be. Should it always be 1 page? Or longer?

We are live here in Austin, TX .... at our Austin Job Seekers meetup! We have a bunch of job seekers in the room watching with an exciting energy! 

Why are we having a debate? Simply put: resume length is such a contentious topic, and there is so much conflicting advice on the matter. Some say your resume should be one page. Some say it should be longer. I say: let’s stage a debate and let the listeners decide for themselves what to believe. Because at the end of the day here, my goal is to present to job seekers two different sides of the coin and let them decide based on the rationale. 

Today, I’ve brought in two of the best people I could find with opposing opinions:

Merryn Roberts-Huntley is a career expert and Founder of Made to Hire, a company focused on helping professionals get what they want in their careers. Professionals call Merryn their “secret weapon” Merryn has worked with a bunch of brands including... NIKE, ADIDAS, and Major League Soccer. 

Lisa Novak is the head of talent at Data.World. She’s an HR rockstar with a history of driving growth in company culture, talent management, and workforce growth...even helping her company to land on a list of best places to work in Austin. 

We have a lot to cover in such little time, so let’s launch right into it with our 119th episode of the Career Warrior Podcast!

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