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#197) Behind the Scenes of the Hiring Process | Shelley Piedmont

Season 1, Ep. 197

Today I brought on Shelley Piedmont, who has been in human resources for over 20 years and also currently serves job seekers as a strategist and career coach. 

Shelley has read thousands of resumes and interviewed too many candidates to count.  She’s hired for everything from entry-level hourly positions to senior leaders on behalf of Fortune 500s, small and private businesses, and everything in between.

Fun fact, Shelley also went to Cornell and also studied hospitality! It’s always good to have a fellow Cornellian on the show, let the mini-reunion begin. 

So let’s dive into how companies are hiring, because not only will this help the curious job seeker -- but the one who is wanting to deconstruct the process to get ahead of the competition.


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#282) Are Job Fairs Dead? The Future of Hiring with Steve Edwards

Season 1, Ep. 282
While the landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, you may ask: which best practices for job seekers have not changed? For example, if I’m being told that networking is the best way to land jobs, what does that actually mean in an increasingly virtual world? Well, in this episode for the first time, we’ll cover the wonderful world of virtual hiring, and we’ll uncover some tips to help you land more interviews. Today I brought on Steve Edwards, founder of Premier Virtual, an innovative company helping businesses host successful virtual hiring events. According to Steve, virtual hiring events are an essential component of any recruitment effort, and his team is committed to help usher in this new era.After 4 years of jumping out of planes in the Army he moved to attend FAU and eventually start his own platform.As a leader in the industry, the Premier Virtual platform has helped more than 50,000 companies connect with nearly 1 million job seekers and hosted over 7,000 virtual hiring events, and this number is growing daily. They have earned prestigious awards and Premier Virtual also has licensing agreements with almost 200 Workforce Development Boards across the Country. The US Army, many National Guard units, and several Veteran organizations use the Premier Virtual platform.So as you can see… this is going to be a very impactful episode for those looking to try something new and diversify their job search portfolio. ResourcesGet more help on your applications from Let’s Eat, GrandmaCheck out Premier VirtualConnect with Steve on LinkedInFollow us:Follow Chris on LinkedInCheck us out on InstagramSubscribe to Let’s Eat, Grandma’s YouTube channel for video podcast highlights