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#236) ATS Myth Busting | Kamara Toffolo

Season 1, Ep. 236

It may come as no surprise that the Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS is one of the most common concerns for job seekers. For that same reason, it’s one of the top topics with surrounding misconceptions being perpetuated by professionals in the resume writing industry. Well we’re here to team up with a LinkedIn Top voice and superstar to start busting some myths. 

Kamara Toffolo is a resume writer, LinkedIn consultant, and job search strategist who helps her clients worldwide DARE to do work differently! Kamara has worked with high-achieving professionals from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, India, UAE, and Brazil, to name a few. Kamara was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2020. She has been featured in major media including Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., The Wharton School Business Radio, and LinkedIn News among others. 

So let’s get you the downright truth about the ATS, and by the end of this episode, we’re hoping that all of you will become insiders for how the system really works. 


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