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#51) Not Settling as an Older Job Seeker | Dave Watts of Redundancy Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 51

Today, we have an episode about not settling as an older job seeker. I brought on Dave Watts who specializes in job strategies for older workers to find meaningful employment. He is the host of the Redundancy Podcast, which has a solid listener base all over the world. He’s helped many people find work as older job seekers, and I could not have picked a better person to come on the show and do this.

Here's what we cover:


  • Why is it so hard to get a job as you age?
  • What’s the biggest mistake that older job seekers are making with their job search? 


  • Dealing with discrimination as an older job seeker - what are some ways around this?
  • Let’s talk about some best practice job strategies for older job seekers. How are you finding folks can best get the job they actually want (i.e. not settling)?
  • The “I’ve done all I can do to get a good job” mindset. How can people get on from this?

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