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#162) Knock 'em Dead with a Thank You Note

Season 1, Ep. 162

Today, we’re going to talk about how a thank you note can help you win your interview.

How to write a good thank you note

  • Create your short and sweet template.
  • Go back before the interview and make sure to flip the script a little bit
  • Call back to one specific thing that only could have happened in your interview

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#278) How to Get Recognized at Work, Build Presence, and Ask for the Raise | Sonja Price

Season 1, Ep. 278
I’m so excited for this episode, and it is my guarantee that if you listen carefully, you will take something home today that will advance your career. We’ll cover some great questions:How do you get recognition for what I’m doing at work?What are some ways I can boost my presence online?How and when do I ask for the raise?Today, I brought on Sonja “Dynamo” Price. Yes, so good that she’s joined us twice! …And with over 15 years of experience in Career and Leadership consulting, Sonja has worked with a wide range of clients including Amazon, Facebook, Google, HBO, and numerous other organizations.Sonja has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development and is a Certified Career and Executive Coach.She trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader and is actively engaged with the Seattle Board of Conscious Capitalism.She is passionate about empowering professionals to accelerate their career success, to become financially free, and to make a positive impact around the world. In her downtime, she enjoys skiing, playing piano, and geeking out over strategy board games.ResourcesGet more help on your applications from Let’s Eat, GrandmaCheck out Dynamo CareersTake the Quiz: Does Your Work Work for You?Connect with Sonja on LinkedInFollow us:Follow Chris on LinkedInCheck us out on InstagramSubscribe to Let’s Eat, Grandma’s YouTube channel for video podcast highlights

#277) Resume Gaps, No Experience, and Other Complicated Scenarios | Andrea Gerson

Season 1, Ep. 277
Listen, I understand that things are not so straightforward in life.  For example, you may have no experience within a given field, and then an entry-level position calls your name – but with the prerequisite of having 3-5 years of experience. Or maybe you’re applying for positions that require experience, but you feel like you’re dealing with ageism. Oh, the irony! So today we’ll unpack those burning questions with a really amazing guest who knows her stuff. Her name is Andrea Gerson, founder of Resume Scripter. Andrea has 15 years of experience working with professionals at all stages of their careers to find clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of energy around their work. As a top-ranked career expert who has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider,  the Chicago Tribune, and, Andrea empowers job-seekers to leverage their strengths to reach their professional potential.​Andrea graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She then went on to earn her Master's degree in Social Work at NYU while working full-time as a career counselor in the NYC non-profit sector. It was during this time that she founded Resume Scripter, and since then she has created impactful resumes for nearly 7,500 professionals.  Many of her clients have secured competitive roles at top organizations including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and the United Nations.So let’s geek out about resumes. I know that this will be a fun and informative conversation for anyone looking to take up their resume to the next level. Resources:Get more help on your applications from Let’s Eat, GrandmaConnect with Andrea on LinkedInCheck out Resume ScripterFollow us:Follow Let's Eat, Grandma on LinkedInCheck us out on InstagramSubscribe to Let’s Eat, Grandma’s YouTube channel for video podcast highlights