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The Order of Ja'el - Story Description

Season 1, Ep. 0

Story Description: The Order of Ja'el*

Jada is the wife of Commander Leagus, head of Sky Colonies’ Forces. The Sky Colonies’ allegiance is to the Order of Ja’el—a sect of priests and priestesses who alone can hear, interpret and issue instructions from the goddess Ja’el to the people. Through the Goldberg Sphere, the most sacred object that stands tall in the city’s centre, Ja’el channels her whispers to her chosen ones. Yet Jada, a commoner of lowly origins, has a secret: she can inexplicably perceive these whispers. She doesn’t know why this is, but more importantly, she doesn’t want to—this blasphemous and treasonous secret, if discovered, would result in her execution. That’s why when she attracts the perceptive, suspecting attention of the next-in-line to the Sky Colonies’ throne, Jada knows her life is now in danger.


Zora is the leader of a team of climbers from the Earth Colonies below. For many years, the Earth Colonies have tried to ascend to the sky, but the Sky Colonies’ Forces and technology have always defeated them. It’s been ten years since anyone has reached as high as Zora and her team. This time, they appear to have a chance to penetrate the Sky Colonies’ defences in the Capital. If they don’t, everything they’ve tried for generations to achieve would all be for nought. It’s the most significant cause Zora has ever fought for in her life, but the cost may be more than she can bear.


In this thrilling sci-fi fantasy, Jada and Zora will each have to decide whether revealing the truth is worth risking everything, even their lives and the lives of those they love the most.

*A new chapter will be released every week from February 13th 2022 until the book's end.

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