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It's A Thing

Stealth Eyebrows - It's a Thing 240

Ep. 240

Tom might have found something sweet for the season and Molly finds a new sport that slaps. Then Tom finds an interesting cover on literature, while Molly sees the new eyebrow hotness.

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  • 294. In Your Mouth With Consent - It's a Thing 294

    Tom thinks Oreo is the new flavor trend and Molly finds the latest hair thing. Then Tom is tipping back a new beauty drink, while Molly finds the dating trend for our busy lives. LINKS:Foam Rollers Stack Dating Oreos Drinking Collagen
  • 293. All You Need Is A Little Light - It's a Thing 293

    Tom doses on some microgreens and Molly shares a leftover thing. Then Tom and Molly form Connections over Spotify Wrapped.  Get the episode here.Links:MicrogreensFancy leftoversBurlington, VTConnections
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    This episode has it all, butt rock, Gen Z dating trends, a new herb, and the verbiage to keep you current!LINKS:AshwagandaThe CreedeningAteGen Z Dating
  • 291. The Bag for the Season - It's a Thing 291

    Molly and Tom are back! This week they are talking the only holiday movies that matter, spicy fantasy, bags and the hottest fashion portmanteau.LINKS:Hallmark Holiday MoviesFourth WingShackletThe Bag
  • 61. Bonus Bonus: A Pea Milk Tasting

    No new show this week, so decided to share some of our bonus content from the archives. This is ordinarily available to our patrons at the It's a Help and above tiers. This was from 2019 when we all decided to try pea milk. It was a simpler time. If you want to listen to the episode we recorded in between the bonus content, check it out here. 
  • 290. Tip Your Hat To A Javelina - It's a Thing 290

    Producer Rich steps in to talk with Tom about Team Javelina, the latest beach bag, the latest hat hotness, and recognizing our era. LINKS:Team Javelina Bogg Bag ripoffs Literary Hats My era
  • 289. Slow Grow And It's Back - It's a Thing 287

    Tom needs to plant his thing flag in a bakery thing and Molly leaves a light on for her holiday thing. Then Tom finds kids want TV to be less thirsty, while Molly low key is all about gnocchi. LINKS:The Halloween LightsGnocchiGen Z Sensibilities
  • 288. Capitalism Comes For The Autumn - It's a Thing 288

    Tom gyatt a new thing to him and Molly hits on the new math. Then Tom finds the highest pastry in the land, while Molly puts Halloween to bed. LINKS: Spooky Season Girl Math Gyatt Supreme Croissant
  • 287. An Unsearchable Love - It's a Thing 287

    Tom is getting all metallic and Molly manifests her next thing. Then Tom finds the new bar hotness while Molly finds love in ways that are hard to properly search for. LINKS:ManifestingLoveMetallics