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It's A Thing

Both Ends of the Funk Spectrum - It's a Thing 315

Ep. 315

Tom finds a new time loop and Molly finds the not-so-fresh feeling is back in advertising. Then Tom gives a quack about Jeeps, while Molly goes to the car for her thing. 


Full-body deodorant


Car videos

Jeep Ducks

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  • 321. The Opposite of Spick-and-Span - It's a Thing 321

    Tom spredges his wings and Molly gets a book boyfriend. Then Tom brings the slop, while Molly finds the rolling 70s do in fact gather moss.VOTE FOR OUR NEXT MERCH HERE.LINKS:Book BoyfriendsMossSpredgeSlop
  • 320. The Stanley Petri Dish- It's a Thing 320

    Tom finds Trader Joe's is advancing fashion and Molly celebrates the return of slime. Then Tom finds the latest Stanley thing while Molly recharges her social battery. LINKS:SlimeSocial BatteryTrader Joe's BagsStanley Snack Tray
  • 319. Liquid Gen X Death - It's a Thing 319

    Tom dives into the wildly popular Liquid Death water craze, highlighting how its beer-like cans create unexpected social scenarios. Meanwhile, Molly brings the cicada invasion into focus, detailed as a phenomenon invoking nostalgic and cultural horror, complete with SNL's take on their emergence.LINKS:CicadasGen X Awakened
  • 318. Food Trucks Are the Mocktails of Restaurants - It's a Thing 318

    Tom strikes gold with his first thing and Molly gets ready to acknowledge a video thing. Then Tom finds the coffee flex, while Molly finds the mocktail backlash underway. LINKS:GRWMGold BeansAnti Coffee
  • 317. Buying Money On Etsy - It's a Thing 317

    First, we all celebrated Mother's Day with the Northern Lights. Tom finds a Eurovision thing split and Molly finds a new graduation thing. Then Tom ate something, while Molly found that it was hip to be square all along. LINKS:Hot DogMoney LeisSquare Phone CasesEurovision Split
  • 316. A Buffet of Beef - It's a Thing 316

    Tom is cooking up a new thing and Molly finds a week of confrontations. Then Tom is thinking youthful, while Molly recognizes a sports thing.LINKS:CurlingStew
  • 314. Taylor Needs Shorter Chapters - It's a Thing 314

    Tom gets an infrequent thing off this chest and Molly finds a return to swearing associated with a glasses thing. Then Tom finds a new book trend, while Molly gets the Gen Z confirmation on the return of Chicos. LINKS:These glassesChicosInfrequent showeringShort chapters
  • 313. The Spider Wasn't Being Driven - It's a Thing 313

    Tom sees the natural evolution of a 7-year old and Molly finds the ultimate Gen X callback. Then Tom finds the music thing of the week, while Molly thinks there's trouble in sleeping paradise.LINKS:Sleep Divorce Grimes at CoachellaBeavis and Butthead