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It's A Thing

Liquid Gen X Death - It's a Thing 319

Ep. 319

Tom dives into the wildly popular Liquid Death water craze, highlighting how its beer-like cans create unexpected social scenarios. Meanwhile, Molly brings the cicada invasion into focus, detailed as a phenomenon invoking nostalgic and cultural horror, complete with SNL's take on their emergence.



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  • 326. It Was Good But Not Bread - It's a Thing 326

    Tom gets chummy with a new thing and Molly gallops into a sport thing. Then Tom recognizes the cottage cheese renaissance, while Molly publicly relates to a new phrase. LINKS:Hobby horse racingChumboxCottage cheese
  • 325. An Americano Detour - It's a Thing 325

    Tom delves into the viral trend of Dubai Chocolate, while Molly puts some weight behind a new vest. Then Tom highlights the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, while Molly explores Zone 2 cardio: electric boogaloo.LINKS:VestsZone 2Dubai ChocolateAtomic Habits
  • 324. Shorts Are Back - It's a Thing 324

    Tom talks about the rise of the digital detox and Molly finds a movie theater thing. They also both talk about shorts.LINKS:4-inch shortsPopcorn bucketsDigital DetoxBermudas
  • 323. Tastes... Evolve - It's a Thing 323

    Molly and Tom recognize the ascension of Sabrina Carpenter. After that, Tom talks the inescapability of Webtoons and Molly finds Gen Z's new boyfriend. Then Tom finds an instant thing and Molly shames more young men.LINKS:Rat BoysSabrina Carpenter Webtoons Instant CoffeeAlpaca Boys
  • 322. Wizardposting and Polyphenols - It's a Thing 322

    Producer Rich steps in for Molly in this episode. Tom opens us to the world of wizardposting and Rich makes sure he's getting his polyphenols. Then Tom finds the shirt of the summer and Rich tries to figure out some corporate slang. LINKS:PolyphenolsWizardposting“Good boy” shirts
  • 321. The Opposite of Spick-and-Span - It's a Thing 321

    Tom spredges his wings and Molly gets a book boyfriend. Then Tom brings the slop, while Molly finds the rolling 70s do in fact gather moss.VOTE FOR OUR NEXT MERCH HERE.LINKS:Book BoyfriendsMossSpredgeSlop
  • 320. The Stanley Petri Dish- It's a Thing 320

    Tom finds Trader Joe's is advancing fashion and Molly celebrates the return of slime. Then Tom finds the latest Stanley thing while Molly recharges her social battery. LINKS:SlimeSocial BatteryTrader Joe's BagsStanley Snack Tray
  • 318. Food Trucks Are the Mocktails of Restaurants - It's a Thing 318

    Tom strikes gold with his first thing and Molly gets ready to acknowledge a video thing. Then Tom finds the coffee flex, while Molly finds the mocktail backlash underway. LINKS:GRWMGold BeansAnti Coffee