Italian Financial Adviser


Brexit (and more...)

Ep. 6
This episode is really about much more than Brexit - I am including a few approximate minute markers so that you can easily locate the sections that are of interest:1:28 - Working with a UK financial adviser as an Italian resident8:55 - Equivalency in financial services between UK and EU12:57 - Taxation of EU-domiciled managed funds vs UK-domiciled managed funds post-Brexit for Italian residents15:50 - Tax declarations in Italy for directly-held foreign financial investments18:15 - The €51,645.69 question - holding foreign currencies as an Italian resident21:38 - ISAs - what they mean in Italy23:42 - Quadro RW - why you need to declare the mere existence of your foreign assets (as well the income that derives from them). Common Reporting Standards and why you should assume that information is being exchanged automatically with the Italian tax authorities25:20 - The taxation of UK real estate as an Italian resident (rental income and wealth tax (from 28:20))33:00 - Thinking about real estate investments once you move to Italy35:15 - Capital gains tax on foreign property (with particular comment on the situation for UK property owners who are non-resident in the UK)38:15 - Tax-efficient investment wrappers - what they can do and how they need to be set up. Some comment on inheritance taxes in Italy - 43:44 - The 7% pensioners’ tax regime 50:10 - Italy vs Italia - and why you should persevere if you want to move hereContact details for Gareth Horsfall: details for Andrew Lawford: closing music is “L’iride (Mazurka)”, D. Ciolfi, played by Pasquale (O Rêua) and Pietro Taraffo of the Genoese school