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  • 43. Psalm 11 | Where is My Refuge?

    In this episode we are in Psalm 11. We often do 1 of 2 things when life gets bumpy: find refuge in God, or go find our own refuge in anything else. What can I do to be better about turning to God in these moments?

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  • 42. Luke 14 | Jesus Teaches at a Dinner

    In this episode we will be Luke 14. Jesus has been invited to a dinner, and has some socially uncomfortable truths he shares with the host and its guests. What lessons can we learn from Jesus’ table talk?
  • 41. John the Baptizer & the Sins that Killed Him

    In this episode we examine the life, characters, and events surrounding John the Baptizers death. What sins of others led to his death? And what lessons can we learn from a man who took his convictions to the grave?
  • 40. Test the Spirits | Spotting a False Teacher

    In this episode we are discussing False Teachers. Does soft teaching lead to false teaching? And what is there a temptation when preaching peace and love to compromise on others things God calls on us to believe?
  • 39. Ahab & Ben-hadad | Inappropriate Mercy

    In this episode we are in 1 Kings chapter 20. We are taking a look at a story from the days of king Ahab, the king of Israel. Will he follow God’s command even when flattered by Ben-hadad, the wicked king of Aram?
  • 38. Husbands & Wives | What's My Role?

    In this episode we are in Ephesians chapter 5. Specifically looking at the section Paul addressed to husbands and wives. What does it mean for a wife to submit to her husband? And what does it mean for a husband to love and nurture his wife?
  • 37. Psalm 2 | Raging Nations

    In this episode we take a look at the second Psalm, where the nations decide to rage against God and His King. What lessons are there for us to learn in a world where there is a real temptation to put our trust in the kings and politicians of this land?