It Happened Here


The kidnapping of Baby Zephany

Season 1, Ep. 15

Zephany was born on 28 April 1997, in Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. She’d been born via C-section, and so her mom was still recuperating in the ward a few days later. And it was while mom Celeste lay there, in and out of an exhausted, post-operative sleep with her little girl resting by her side that the unthinkable happened. On April 30th, someone entered that room, dressed in the maroon trousers and oatmeal shirt of the Groote Schuur staff uniform, and took Zephany from her crib before disappearing, seemingly forever.


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Love shouldn't hurt: The murder of Leighandre "Baby Lee" Jegels

Season 2, Ep. 4
August 30th2019 was a regular day for Leighandre Jegels and her mom Ryta. The two were making their way to a boxing gym in East London, when a car started driving erratically behind them. In it was Bulelani Manyakama, Leighandre's abusive ex-boyfriend...Domestic abuse resources: foundation:Text *134*7355# or email

Friends, family & fraud: The death of Dustan Blom

Season 2, Ep. 3
It became known as the case of the body in the boot, abandoned in the parking lot of Montecasino, but there's a man behind that headline. In the wake of his wife's unexpected death, Dustan Blom meets exotic dancer Maruschka Robinson. He takes pity on her, offers her a lifeline, but Maruschka responds by taking advantage and - ultimately - his life.SOURCES:

Angels, demons, and thieves: the Mancoba Seven Angels massacre

Season 2, Ep. 2
It’s February 21st, 2018, just after midnight, when three vehicles pull up outside the Ngcobo police station. One of them is a police van, but the gunmen that climb out are anything but police. They head into the station and gunfire shatters the quiet calm of a small village police station. As the new day dawned on the village of Ngcobo, six people have been fatally shot… and a standoff with the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry is shaping up.SOURCES: