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It Happened Here

Song & dance: The murder of Taliep Petersen

Season 2, Ep. 1

This is the first episode of It Happened Here for 2022. In the spirit of the new year, I’m declaring this the start of a new season. Yes, the numbering won’t make tonnes of sense, but neither does much in life so we’re just going to run with it. This episode covers the plot to murder one of South Africa's most lauded musical talents, Taliep Petersen - a plot cooked up by his own wife, Najwa.

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  • 5. The missing masterpiece: Pretoria Art Museum heist

    It’s Sunday, 11 November 2012, when three people stroll into the Pretoria Art Museum on Wessels street in Pretoria, and stroll out again with six of South Africa’s most historic and valuable art works. Two days later, four of those pieces would be discovered in the most unlikely place…Thanks to my interviewees from Stephan Welz & Co: Sources:  
  • 4. Love shouldn't hurt: The murder of Leighandre "Baby Lee" Jegels

    August 30th 2019 was a regular day for Leighandre Jegels and her mom Ryta. The two were making their way to a boxing gym in East London, when a car started driving erratically behind them. In it was Bulelani Manyakama, Leighandre's abusive ex-boyfriend...Domestic abuse resources: or 011-642-4345 foundation:  Text *134*7355# or email SOURCES:
  • 3. Friends, family & fraud: The death of Dustan Blom

    It became known as the case of the body in the boot, abandoned in the parking lot of Montecasino, but there's a man behind that headline. In the wake of his wife's unexpected death, Dustan Blom meets exotic dancer Maruschka Robinson. He takes pity on her, offers her a lifeline, but Maruschka responds by taking advantage and - ultimately - his life.SOURCES:
  • 2. Angels, demons, and thieves: the Mancoba Seven Angels massacre

    It’s February 21st, 2018, just after midnight, when three vehicles pull up outside the Ngcobo police station. One of them is a police van, but the gunmen that climb out are anything but police. They head into the station and gunfire shatters the quiet calm of a small village police station. As the new day dawned on the village of Ngcobo, six people have been fatally shot… and a standoff with the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry is shaping up.SOURCES:
  • 19. Snake in the grass: The murder of Siam Lee

    In January 2018, near New Hanover, a small burning patch of sugar cane caught the attention of a farmer out walking with his grandson. As he got closer, he realized that there was more to the fire. There were drag marks in the soil, the smell of petrol, and just a foot or into the field was a horrific sight, a charred body of a woman, one arm lifted up over her head – in what her mom will later describe as the dying swan pose. One hand remained untouched by the fire, her fingertips still glinting with sparkly nail polish. SOURCES:
  • 18. The night the music died: Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi

    The subject of today’s episode is Nkululeko Habedi – also known by his musical persona or nickname “Flabba.” Flabba’s case attracted a lot of media attention, because he was already famous as a member of the South African hip-hop collective Skwatta Kamp, and for his work as a solo artist. On the evening of March 8 2015, Flabba, his girlfriend Sindi and some of their friends, are all set for a night out at one of Joburg’s swankiest spots – The Sands, in Sandton. But the night would end in his death - a death that sparked a national debate about self defence versus premeditated murder...Sources:
  • 17. Hijack or hit?: The murder of Anni Dewani

    It’s the 2nd of March 2011 and, on the side of the road a middle-aged couple kneel in the sand, weeping. In front of them is a board hammered into the sand, a photograph of a young woman attached. Meters away reporters jostle to try and get a better shot. This ceremony is part of an ongoing story that has captured international headlines. The couple, Nilam and Vinod Hindocha, have come to grieve their beloved daughter, Anni Dewani - and to get to answers. Was Anni the random victim of a hijacking, or had her new husband Shrien Dewani conspired to have her murdered?Support the show on or find us on Instagram and Facebook.SOURCES:‘If I die I want you to know that I love you’Anni Dewani's sister: 'We will never find out the truth' - BBC NewsAnni Dewani's sister: I wish I told my sister to call her wedding off - Mirror OnlineCrime Stats: Concern as car hijackings hit 5-year high for Q4Crime stats: PowerPoint PresentationDewani judge cleared of bias claims | News24Hijacking in South Africa: Hotspot areas and methods revealedIn one of South Africa's most violent townships, a peace arrives - CSMonitor.comMurder of Anni Dewani - WikipediaS v Dewani (CC15/2014) [2014] ZAWCHC 188 (8 December 2014)Shrien Dewani: from lavish wedding to a high court murder trial | Dewani murder case | The GuardianSister tells of murdered Anni Dewani’s doubts over wedding | World news | The GuardianThe Anni Dewani murder: Ten years laterThe Hindochas | eNCAThe Honeymoon Murder - The Atavist Magazine
  • 16. The axeman cometh: The crimes of Phindile Joseph Ntshongwana

    IHHers, today’s case is an interesting one. Firstly, Phindile Joseph Ntshongwana was not an anonymous guy before these crimes put him in the papers. In fact, he used to be a professional rugby player –and you know how South Africans feel about their rugby. The other reason this case got so much attention was that Phindile is a literal axe murderer who went on a week-long rampage in March 2011, murdering four people and attempting to kill at least two others. But there’s a lot more to this case, in particular there’s the question of “mad or bad?”. Phindile would claim that his terrible actions were the result of profound mental illness, opening up a whole psychological and legal can o’ worms...Support the show: SOURCES: