Irish History Podcast


The War of Independence Finale (Endgame III)

We've made it! This is the final episode in the War of Independence series. The episode begins as Michael Collins and an Irish negotiating team lock horns with Lloyd George and Winston Churchill in London. When a controversial treaty is agreed we return to Dublin to see how it is received. The show also includes extensive recreations of the famous Treaty debates from Aidan and Therese.

I hope you enjoy the show. Thank you so much for you support. I have some really great content lined up for coming weeks. These include shows on 

  • Grace O'Malley the 16th century pirate queen
  • The history of Ireland's monorail. 
  • A history of hurling. 
  • A six part series on life in pre-famine Ireland told through a 19th century murder.
  • A series on the history of podcasting in Ireland (its older than you think!)

Sound - Jason Looney

Addition research - Sam McGrath

Additional Narrations - Aidan Crowe and Therese Murray

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