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Integrate That!

Ep.3 First impressions

Forced to leave home, Wasim goes from Aleppo to Turkey, and then gets into a fight with the driver at the borders. Some locals treat him well while others ask ridiculous questions in job interviews.

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  • 3. From UAE to Germany

    Mahmood leaves Syria to work in Dubai temporarily, and then he gets a Schengen visa and lands in Athens before claiming asylum in Germany.
  • 2. The Refugee Olympic Team

    From the streets of Aleppo to the Olympic Games in Tokyo! Ahmad left Aleppo with nothing in hand and now he's competing internationally!
  • 1. Where are you from?

    Why do you even ask and what does it mean? we discuss identity, culture, language and more.
  • Season 2 Trailer

    Refugee Olympic Team, new asylum application, climate change and more
  • Integrate That! Special

    Journalists and activists outline some problems in the coverage of the refugee crises and give personal stories about the industry. 
  • Ep.5 I am British now, on paper

    To become British, you need to pass the “life in the UK” test. It teaches you about the history about the UK, which many British people haven’t got a clue about. Once you have applied, you wait for a decision by the Home Office, what’s it like to wait, and how do you feel when you get a decision?
  • Ep.4 Where do you think you're going?

    One of the worst nightmares for refugees when traveling abroad is being stopped at the airport. The first time Baraa was stopped by some big men wearing suites, his British friend thought he was getting the VIP treatment and an upgrade. I was asked why do I support the LA Rams football team, and was asked to name some players when I was “randomly” selected for screening.Oud music in by Syrian Oud player Rihab Azar.
  • Ep.2 Starting from scratch

    Arriving in the UK with over eight years of experience in policy, conflict and peace resolution, Yusra struggles with the culture of hiring. She decides to start from scratch and builds her own network, which now stretches over Africa, USA, Europe, and her home country, Yemen.