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#050 Ogie Sheehy: RegTech, ViClarity and the Kingdom

Ep. 50

Ogie Sheehy is the founder and CEO of regtech firm ViClarity. ViClarity is a very impressive business based in Kerry in Ireland. They help many Global Insurers to automate regulatory compliance, vendor management and Solvency II policy management.

I really enjoyed this conversation. As you’ll hear, Ogie is a very engaging storyteller. He tells me about how he transitioned from corporate life at IBM to starting his own business in the middle of a recession.




Ogie's full bio:


Ogie Sheehy is the founder and CEO of ViClarity, a company that provide audit, risk and compliance solutions to Financial and Healthcare organisations. 

Ogie graduated with a primary Degree in Applied Physics and Electronics and embarked on a multinational career spanning over 15 years in companies such as HP, IBM and Dell. 

In 2008 Ogie resigned from corporate life as Director of IT at Dell and set up ViClarity. Ogie has led ViClarity for over twelve years and under his guidance the company has successfully implemented Compliance, Risk Management and audit solutions into some of the largest global organisations in both financial services and healthcare. ViClarity now work with over 50 Global Insurers helping them automate areas such as Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Solvency II, Policy Management and many other areas.

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