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#057 Matthias Naumann, CEO of Companjon

Ep. 57

Today, I am speaking to Matthias Naumann, founder, and CEO of an exciting new insurtech startup called Companjon.


Matthias and I discuss the development of insurance technology over the last 10 years, what the future looks like for insurtech, and Matthias’ decision to set up the business in Ireland.

Matthias' Bio

Matthias Naumann is the CEO of Companjon, Europe's up and coming tech venture that specialising in unique and innovative add-on insurance solutions. Matthias has a wealth of experience in banking, financial services, insurance and digital transformation after spending most of his career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) primarily in Switzerland. There, he held the role of CEO for more than 8 years where he successfully built and extended the entire footprint of the business, increased company turnover x3, and established a dynamic and growth-oriented culture. His passion for innovation and enhancing digital lifestyles sparked the beginning of Companjon, an idea to bring a powerful business model that is already successful in Asia, to Europe.


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