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Dain Heer: Why Everything You Know About Energy is Wrong

Dain Here is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and facilitator of consciousness and change who invites people to embrace their true greatness. He uses a unique set of tools and energetic processes to help people break free from judgments and cycles of no choice and no change, and leave with the power to change anything. Dain believes that judgment, especially of ourselves, is the biggest killer on the planet and encourages people to see every wrongness as a strongness. He is the co-creator of Access Consciousness and known for his unique energetic transformation process, The Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB).


00:00 - Intro

03:35 - Use energy practices to navigate your life

07:30 - Your beliefs vs ‘knowing'

20:07 - Choose to be loving over being right & being free over being right

23:53 - What are energy blocks and where do they come from?

47:04 - How to cultivate more flow

57:09 - International Being You Day

1:00:20 - The Being You app



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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Shai Tubali: No Need to Silence the Mind

Discover the profound difference between psychology and spirituality in this enlightening interview with Shai Tubali. Explore the root cause of suffering and learn how to uncover your true self beyond identities. Delve into the fear of dissolution, the pursuit of bliss, and the challenges of human conditioning. Gain insights into the role of spirituality in species evolution and the transformative journey towards higher consciousness and the liberation of the mind.Shai Tubali is a renowned authority in self-development and self-empowerment, blending psychology, philosophy, Yogic traditions, and Eastern thought. His influential books, available in multiple languages, have garnered international recognition and awards. With his writings and teachings, Tubali inspires readers and followers on their inner quests for mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.TUNE IN00:00 - Intro02:55 - We teach others what we want most for ourselves07:04 - Why do you fear your own dissolution of the self when there is bliss on the other side in oneness?10:38 - Is fear a necessary ingredient to reach oneness13:44 - The collective programming of the human condition automates our unconscious 20:16 - The person, personality & identity27:34 - Is seeking spirituality a form of trauma response?32:37 - Psychology alleviates and spirituality liberates40:18 - Expand your consciousness47:24 - Don’t get caught in the spiritual trap: of silencing your mind52:32 - The law of attention58:43 - Identity shifts1:03:00 - Shai’s prayer for humanity1:05:43 - Connect with ShaiLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH SHAI TUBALIWebsite: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite: https://www.inspiredevolution/YouTube: INSPIRED & KEEP EVOLVINGYEW
Wednesday, May 17, 2023

10K Q&A - Build a Thriving Youtube Audience, Attract Top-Tier Guests, Live a Rich Life | Inspired Evolution

I hit 10K Subscribers on YouTube!To celebrate I answered your questions on my journey creating this channel, building a thriving Youtube community, attracting top-tier podcast guests and unleashing the abundance of life.Thank you so much for your continued support over the last 6 years, tuning in, your comments and all around good vibes. It is my greatest honour to be your brother walking home by your side on this Inspired Evolution together.Book in a call with Amrit: IN00:45 - Question 1: How do you get such impressive guests on your show?06:50 - Question 2: Advice to build an audience successfully on Youtube09:30 - Question 3: What does it mean to live a rich life?13:39 - Question 4: How did it all start?24:52 - Question 5: What does one need to do differently to make it all worth it?28:25 - Question 6: Which of your attributes were most relevant in the successful growth of your channel?36:15 - Book in a call with AmritLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite: https://www.inspiredevolution/YouTube: INSPIRED & KEEP EVOLVINGYEW
Sunday, May 14, 2023

Truly Receiving the Contribution the Universe is Gifting with Simone Milasas (Access Consciousness)

Simone Milasas is an innovative business leader, best-selling author, global speaker and self-confessed compulsive creator. A true lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone’s capacity for wealth creation catapulted her from $187K in debt to being a multi-millionaire with a thriving and diversified portfolio.  Simone’s approach to business for the past 30 years cannot be found inside a textbook. She has been instrumental in growing Access Consciousness to over 176 countries across the globe. As the Founder of Joy of Business, a program that mentors entrepreneurs globally to create greater wealth, success, and happiness, Simone lives life abundantly, follows the energy, listens for what she calls “the whispers of awareness and consciousness,” and is always in the question of what next.  Breathing Life Into Your IdeasFree Call with Simone What Truly Matters To YouFree Call with Simone Business Energy PullFree Energy Exercise with Simone Who Have You Made More Important in Relationship?Free Call with Simone IN00:00 - Intro03:19 - What prompted the ‘Joy of Business’ book journey?07:14 - Is job satisfaction a function of who you are or the opportunities you create?13:25 - The energetics of transforming $187,00 debt into PROFIT16:52 - Greater levels of awareness + non judgement + choice = EMPOWERMENT18:04 - How to make intuitive choices22:04 - Your business is an energetic entity32:08 - ‘Monergy’ tools33:48 - Overcoming overwhelm in business35:34 - Access Consciousness45:22 - Where & how to get started with Access Consciousness47:31 - How to take action55:24 - Connect with Simone & Access ConsciousnessLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH SIMONE MILASASWebsite: Instagram - THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite: https://www.inspiredevolution/YouTube: INSPIRED & KEEP EVOLVINGYEW