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Create a Life That’s Uniquely You with Jack Delosa

Amrit shares the podcast stage with Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage, Australia’s largest training institution for entrepreneurs. Under Jack’s leadership, The Entourage was awarded the 4th Best Place To Work in Australia, and the Top 50 in Australasia. Jack has been listed in the AFR Young Rich List five times and has written two best-selling books in Australia, UnProfessional, and his latest book, Unwritten.Jack's shares his wisdom on business, entrepreneurship and the fascinating correlation between the adversity of childhood trauma and growth mindset.TUNE IN02:33 - Let’s be real. Is entrepreneurship for everyone?07:29 - If Elon Musk is a hard core entrepreneur what type of entrepreneur does that make you?12:12 - We live in a culture where people aren’t willing to be bad at something19:05 - The correlation between childhood trauma and growth mindset33:29 - The fine art of up-levelling your vision40:46 - An intricate analysis of the way our inner child fuels our vision42:12 - How to foster healthy relationships and a positive sense of community47:42 - Your business is literally a reflection of you58:11 - ‘Breaking the Cycle’ and the future of educationLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH JACK DELOSAWebsite: WITH THE ENTOURAGEInstagram: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Connect with Community with Commune's Jeff Krasno

Jeff Krasno has become a global trailblazer for holistic health and wellness as the founder and CEO of Commune Media, host of the Commune podcast, creator and chairman of worldwide wellness events Wanderlust, as well as integrating yoga and mindfulness curricula into the public school system via Pure EdgeHe joins Amrit on the podcast this week to unpack community as a central pillar of health and explore ways we can cultivate a sense of community into our lives in every momentTUNE IN02:59 - Finding mutual connection between personal and societal health11:55 - Stepping off the hedonic hamster wheel when capitalism capitalises on YOU16:40 - The external exploration of life is an internal journey of the self25:50 - Community is the antidote to all health concerns incl the no 1 epidemic in the US40:21 - How to stay optimistic while waking up the wider community48:15 - A community building toolkit58:16 - Jeff’s vision of ‘a new enlightenment’ for a better tomorrowLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH JEFF KRASNOWebsite: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Awakening the Next Generation with Emilio Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz is on a mission to inspire, uplift and empower the next generations with his podcast, Just Tap InIn this episode he joins Amrit to openly share his story of personal growth from typical college party boy to finding the courage within to evolve into the wisdom seeker he is todayThey dive deep into overcoming the challenges of open-hearted expression, modern day rites of passages men are faced with and Emilio shares his guide to leveraging your own gifts to aid the collective shift in consciousness.TUNE IN02:35 - Party boy to wisdom seeker: Emilio’s transformation story will inspire you22:59 - Overcoming the insecurity of self expression & the courage it takes to start a podcast30:13 - Modern day rites of passages and the challenges men face to emerge on the other side40:32 - Overcoming the pain of losing friends along the journey of evolution43:14 - Are Gen Z doomed? A vision of an inspired evolution for the next generation50:10 - Emilio’s guide to a spiritual journey55:30 - The key difference between growing old and becoming an elder will make you think twice about how you live your lifeLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH EMILIO ORTIZInstagram: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Find & Embody Your True Essence with Julian Guderley

Julian Guderley is the creator of the Green Planet Blue Planet podcast, an event creator of transformational gatherings and teacher of Kriya Yoga and breath work techniquesWith his infinite wisdom, he shares with us an expansive view on how we can gracefully interact with the planet in order to ease our environmental impact on the worldJulian and Amrit dive deep into the process of regeneration as a principal of life and how we can reconcile with nature and honour indigenous communities as we continue to evolve as human beingsTUNE IN03:27 - Music is the ultimate teacher07:09 - Julian taps into the true meaning of essence09:50 - Moving from a conceptual idea to an embodied state as a tool for transformation28:10 - Attuning to the process of regeneration is a principal of life31:35 - Is it possible to reconcile with nature and honour indigenous communities while advancing technology?39:13 - Are humans wired to take responsibility?54:37 - The beautiful dance between peace, change, silence and conversation01:04:43 - The Breath Portal course you won’t want to miss!01:07:46 - There’s a massive difference between growing older and becoming an elder. Which path are you on?LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH JULIAN GUDERLEYWebsite: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Mindvalley’s Kristina Mand-Lakhiani on Self Acceptance & Personal Growth

Amrit is joined by entrepreneur and international speaker, Kristina Mand-LakhianiKristina co-founded Mindvalley with her then-husband Vishen from its roots as a small meditation business that was operating out of the couple’s apartment in New York, to the global educational organisation that it is now. Mindvalley offers top training for peak human performance to hundreds of thousands of students all around the worldKristina and Amrit talk the importance of self acceptance on the path of personal growth and development, how authenticity and honesty can’t be separated, mindful parenting, conscious uncoupling and moreTUNE IN02:18 - Full acceptance of yourself vs the desire to change14:02 - How to accept the global challenges of the world22:59 - Exploring the grieving process & coping mechanisms26:24 - The path to authenticity starts with being honest with yourself32:52 - Breaking the masculine compulsion of needing to know all36:16 - An objective view on cancel culture37:52 - Kristina's 3 biggest life lessons will shock you46:30 - Kristina's 3 biggest lessons from parenting48:01 - 1. Ask for help48:06 - 2. Say no to perfectionism50:32 - 3. Love alone is not enough52:19 - Kristina’s 3 biggest lessons in relationships54:23 - 1. Accept that your partner doesn't owe you anything56:17 - 2. Relationships don’t have to be hard work57:38 - 3. Conscious uncoupling59:41 - Kristina’s top books for personal development

How to Travel Full Time & Unschool Your Children with Jesper & Cecilie Conrad

Jesper & Cecilie Conrad left behind their classic dream life to travel full time with their kids as The Worldschooling NomadsThe Conrad family travel full time, question everything and choose a life based on their core values: love, adventure, personal freedom and strong relationshipsThey join Amrit to share their journey to unschooling their kids, questioning what is truly important in life and show us that this path to freedom is open to anyone who dares to take the leap into the unknownTUNE IN01:30 - What is unschooling?04:46 - The idea that kids must aspire to reach their "full potential" is a toxic construct05:30 - Jesper's traditional upbringing meets Cecilie's unconventional upbringing10:28 - How to listen to a child's intuition14:57 - The difference between home schooling and unschooling17:42 - How their son taught himself how to read in multiple languages23:16 - The unschooling balance: self confidence is essential for both parent and child27:58 - Can a free thinking child respect authority?35:16 - Guess which cultures are most open to unschooling39:52 - Is this way of living for everyone?44:34 - Favourite part and challenges that come with the lifestyle53:20 - Amrit to the Conrads: from one parent to anotherLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH JESPER & CECILIE CONRADWebsite: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Episode 0 The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

Amrit is joined by inspirational speaker and transformational teacher, Kute Blackson. Kute is widely considered a next generation leader in the field of personal development. His mission is simple: to awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfil their true life’s purpose.In this episode they explore the topic of Kute’s new book, The Magic of Surrender. Both Amrit and Kute open up about their personal stories of relinquishing control, teaching us how to connect with our deepest truth, move beyond resistance and harness the power of surrender to live our highest purpose.Kute Blackson’s new book The Magic of Surrender is out now!TUNE IN01:33 - Why is surrender so hard?04:54 - We develop survival defence mechanisms to protect us from pain06:12 - The ego is the process of being identified with our sense of conditioned self08:48 - How to surrender in order to heal10:16 - The evolutionary impulse of life is an invitation to surrender14:44 - Amrit’s personal story: building up the courage to learn how to surrender18:44 - Kute breaks down his definition of surrender22:24 - How to create from hard gut intuition over the ego mind31:20 - Kute’s personal story of coming into surrender and trust37:58 - Why surrender if our lives are predestined?42:29 - Knowing the difference between surrender and giving up45:39 - Taking responsibility - the only way OUT is THROUGH!LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH KUTE BLACKSONWebsite: 2: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite:

Raise Your Vibration and Manifest the Life You Deserve with Christina Rice

Christina Rice is an intuitive channel, celebrity healer, founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing and author of best selling book, Manifestation Master: How to Shift Your Reality & Co Create with the Universe.In this episode she joins Amrit to show listeners how to tap into their intuition and master the energetics of their health, relationship and business. They unpack manifestation techniques, limiting beliefs and lay out exactly how to create the life you want.TUNE IN02:32 - Using the Dark Night of the Soul to your advantage18:18 - How to discern head vs heart / ego vs soul20:28 - 'My dreams won't pay the bills' - how to navigate soul growth25:59 - Are some people more aligned to courage than others?36:07 - The right QUESTION unlocks all the answers39:33 - Does faking it 'til you make it actually work?43:21 - Actionable steps to turn your vision into your reality46:38 - Making those challenging shifts: 'losing my best friend to my value system’52:07 - Raising your frequency is you overcoming your limiting beliefs53:11 - Christina's new book on the energetics of manifestation58:10 - True manifestation means taking aligned action! Sprinkling essential oils on empty wishes is woo woo!1:01:25 - This is what it looks like to live from a place of loveLISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCASTSpotify: Podcasts: WITH CHRISTINA RICEWebsite: THE INSPIRED EVOLUTION COMMUNITYWebsite: