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Jobs with No Boss with Dunia Reverter and Hugo Lopes

Season 6, Ep. 99

Dunia Reverter and Hugo Lopes both reached stages in their careers where working for a corporate was not the way forward. Combining their expertise and vision for work not limited by bureaucracy and control they have launched and a crowdfunding campaign to help build it out. Serving an international audience, I'm happy to report three companies are in Canada which is exciting for me (as the show host) having run into managers guided by fear of losing control for the last twenty years! How we view control has been shifting from controlling others to controlling ourselves — a shift in self-leadership consciousness.

To support the crowdfunding campaign:

This episode is to support people who seek jobs where there is autonomy and respect for the talent people bring to work. There is hope!! For decision-makers in startups and growing companies, this episode is a reminder that decisions are best made in a distributed way to benefit from diverse and divergent thinkers.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Design for Identity with Jessica Bantom

Season 6, Ep. 97
As a designer, Jessica Bantom pays attention to details. Details matter particularly when it comes to connecting to different identities and how customers see themselves. Her newly released book, Design for Identity, aims at influencing design decisions that either bring people in or leave them out resulting in a loss of customers. After all, as Bruce Mau stated, it is not about the world of design, but about the design of the world we live in.Jessica Bantom is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) practitioner and workplace strategist whose mission is to enable individuals to take immediate actions that create meaningful outcomes for historically excluded people. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Marymount University, Bantom is a skilled management consultant with over 20 years of experience, a compelling speaker, and a certified facilitator and coach with a passion for helping people and organizations activate the values of DEIB to become more culturally competent and thrive in our increasingly global economy. Bantom is also active in the interior design industry as an interior design and color consultant and as an engaged advocate committed to promoting DEIB in the industry and in practice. You can learn more about Jessica and her upcoming book, Design for Identity: How to Design Authentically for a Diverse World, at the podcast! Donate via PaypalContact or Follow Dawna Jones on any one of these channels:Linkedin: EPDawna_JonesInstagram: Uncertainty Newsletter: @dawnajonesWebsite: dawnajones.comThanks to Mark Romero Music for the intro track, Alignment.
Monday, February 20, 2023

Human-centered Workplaces-The Irish Health Service

Season 6, Ep. 96
Healthcare services in many nations are under pressure to adapt their design to meet the challenges in today's world. Two exemplary leaders in this challenging field, Margaret Stone and JP Swaine of the Irish Health Service share their experience in working with organizational network analysis and other means to engage the power of people within the 147, 000 employee organization. Starting small and thinking big, both leaders bring leadership skills fit for complex systems. Margaret Stone is a change maker, leader and believer in empowering staff through a social movement to shape the culture of a health service – and by translating values into behaviors. She has extensive experience in developing and leading programs to enable change in culture in the Irish Health Services. A Social Movement Change Leader and Viral Change fellow with a specific interest in developing and enabling people to their best abilities to improve Health Services.JP. Swaine is the Culture Transformation Manager with HSE Culture & Engagement and leads nationally on the Values in Action movement in the Health Services in Ireland. Values in Action is a behavior-based social movement in the Irish Healthcare system. JPs diverse experience is grounded in understanding social systems and cognitive psychology. He has worked for many years in the Irish Community Mental Health Services and developed the First Fortnight social enterprise, Irelands Mental Health Arts Charity.Subscribe and share this episode and podcast to others seeking to create better workplaces with restored vitality.Contact or Follow Dawna Jones on any one of these channels:Linkedin: EPDawna_JonesInstagram: Uncertainty Newsletter: @dawnajonesWebsite: dawnajones.comThanks to Mark Romero Music for the intro track, Alignment.