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POWERCUT: Julia Dhar - the lost art of constructive conversations

Season 1, Ep. 160

We are coming to the end of another eventful year, another 12 month bundle of opportunities, challenges, plenty of highlights and some definite unforeseen low lights. Hopefully you are about to embark on a well-deserved break. This is exactly what the inside influence team and myself will be doing. So over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a festive step back to rest up, recalibrate and re-inspire ourselves for 2022. However, if you need some inspiration to get you thinking and planning for next year, we have you covered. Our holiday season of power cuts or power minis are back. Our final power cut episode is with Julia Dhar.

Julia Dhar is a Managing Director and Partner at the Boston Consulting Group and the founder of BeSmart, BCG's behavioral economics and behavioral insights initiative. 

Julia's mission is to enable leaders in government and the private sector to apply the science of behavior change across a range of social services and topics, including economic development, finance, education, criminal justice and welfare. 

Her two TED talks on how to have constructive conversations have had at last count over 10 million views. She was also world school debate champion three times.

So it’s safe to say she knows a fair amount about crafting a successful argument.

However, what drew me to Julia wasn’t her ability to persuade – although as you’ll hear she is very persuasive - but instead the vision she’s dedicated the rest of her life and career to driving – how as Nations, teams and families - we can start to disagree more productively.

In this conversation we dive into:

  • The importance of respectful listening and how to construct the rules of respectful listening.
  • Why every conversation should start with ‘shared reality’ – an idea or intention you can all agree upon.
  • And finally… THE most beautiful and game changing question I have heard in a very long time - “What can you share that will help me see what you see?”

If you enjoy this powercut episode and would like to hear my full conversation with Julia Dhar please head over to my website or listen at all the usual places #itunes #spotify #googleplay #stitcher. 

For now sit back, relax and enjoy my powercut conversation with Julia Dhar.

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