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Innovation & Impact

The Growth and Impact of Generative AI

Season 1, Ep. 1

On the the premiere episode of "Innovation & Impact," Michael Kearns, National Center Professor of Management & Technology in Computer and Information Science (CIS), Chris Callison-Burch, Associate Professor in CIS, and Robert Ghrist, Andrea Mitchell University Professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering discuss the growth and impact of generative AI. Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor in Computer and Information Science, serves as panel moderator.

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  • 4. Exploring AI in Engineering

    This episode of Innovation & Impact celebrates AI Month at Penn. Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor, Computer and Information Science (CIS) returns as host to discuss how AI is accelerating discovery in fields such as Bioengineering and Computing while also bringing unexpected new challenges in areas such as security.Guests this month are Cesar De La Fuente, Presidential Assistant Professor, Bioengineering; Surbhi Goel, Magerman, Term Assistant Professor, CIS; and Chris Callison-Burch, Associate Professor, CIS.Follow Penn Engineering:
  • 3. Energy and Sustainability

    In the most recent episode of Innovation & Impact, Penn Professors Cherie Kagan, Ben Lee, Lei Gu, and Chris Murray discuss how AI, tech, population growth, and other factors will impact the future of energy and sustainability, while also exploring how educational institutions like Penn can lead the way.Follow Penn Engineering:
  • 2. RNA: Past, Present and Future

    In the most recent episode of Innovation & Impact, titled “RNA: Past, Present and Future,” David F. Meaney, Solomon R. Pollack Professor in Bioengineering, is joined by Mike Mitchell, Associate Professor in Bioengineering, and Noor Momin, who will be joining Penn Engineering as an Assistant Professor in Bioengineering early next year, to discuss the impact that RNA has had on health care and biomedical engineering technologies.