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Conservative Peer Lord Baron Stewart Jackson of Peterborough kicks off today's show to discuss the morning's top headlines including a damning report that has found "institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia" within the Metropolitan Police - and suggested the force could be broken up if it fails to improve. Shortly after we go live to Scotland Yard to speak to our reporter on the ground Oliver Whitfield-Miocic for further information on the report, followed by Chairman of the Police and Crime Committee for the London Assembly Susan Hall for her views on the damning report. Anew report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has underscored the pressing need to rapidly accelerate the transition to clean power and net zero capabilities, we speak to Author of Not Zero: How an Irrational Target Will Impoverish You, Help China (and Won't Even Save the Planet) Ross Clark to discuss the feasibility and cost to undergo such measures. Journalist and Author Laura Dodsworth returns for her weekly lowdown of the headlines from clown world and Senior Analyst at the Times Education Supplement Grainne Hallahan to discuss why Ofsted urged to pause inspections after a teacher took her own life after her schools results. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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  • Tax wound

    Mike takes on the Shadow Secretary of State for Science over Labour's rumoured tax hikes, Alberto Costa MP about the parole hearing of Colin Pitchfork and Sadiq Khan stepping out of the pecking order having a go at Donald Trump
  • Killer cyclists

    Mike calls for Armageddon on killer cyclists; compares the cloned policies from Rishi & Keir and highlights the belt bursting on our overflowing prisons.
  • Four day slackers

    Mike takes on the four day week mania with a council leader sat in his bedroom, tells an immigration lawyer to pull the other one over a migrant funding his own case and the migrants heading to Rwanda over Northern Ireland's court decision.
  • It ends in silence

    Mike Graham’s clash with Civil Exchange director Caroline Slocock ends in silence, as the Government announces Civil Service diversity jobs 'will be banned'. Royal expert Kinsey Schofield slams Meghan Markle as a "virtue-signaller" after she pledged to build a basketball court in Nigeria. Howard Cox responds to a report that found cyclists are breaking the speed limit by more than 40 per cent in London's Regents Park.
  • BBQ Booms & Can Starmer stop the boats?

    Mike interview former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett on the Government plans to make recycling simpler, however, a BBQ boom for this weekend led Natalie to have some concerns over the frequency of having a BBQ. Plus Starmer is in Dover to unveil his plan to stop the boats but Mike just want to know, will it work?
  • Moaning Glory

    Mike boots off an Oxford professor who doesn't think the college campus protests are causing antisemitism. Why car insurance is sky high but not for Jaguar/Land Rover drivers and model Jodie Kidd aims to break a Guinness World Record for dog walking.
  • Tory Wipeout

    Mike speaks to both Labour and the Conservatives about what the local election results mean for them heading into a general election. Plus the fallout from the Peckham protests.
  • Dine & Dash

    Morning Glory with Mike Graham. Mike speaks to The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh about the Labour's plan to admit asylum seekers. A cousin of a 19 year old Israeli girl shares their story on how she is still being held captive by Hamas. And what's behind the rise of dine and dash where customers skip paying for high restaurant bills.
  • Missing migrants

    Morning Glory with Mike Graham brings you the best bits of Mike's new breakfast show. Here, Mike talks to Conservative Commentator Benedict Spence about the the top stories of the day including the missing migrants the Home Office can't locate.