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Morning Glory with Mike Graham

Opposition Overtake

Mike is joined by Benedict Spence and Richard Tice to discuss the day's papers as Reform overtakes the Tories in the polls.

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  • The 58-Year Itch...

    England stand on the verge of glory after beating the Netherlands 2-1 in the 2024 Euros. Harry Redknapp gives us the analysis and we catch up with an England superfan on the German Autobahn whilst Peter Hitchens covers the other stories of the day.
  • Burnout Bozos

    Mike reveals the workshy doctors who can't do more than three days a week whilst callers with labour intensive jobs say they manage six days a week. Plus Commons updates from former deputy speaker Nigel Evans and Starmer's dithering on defence spending with Professor Anthony Glees.
  • Biden Backstabbed

    Babbling Biden begins to take scorn from the Democrat press pen as they question his health, Simon Calder brings us joy from the sunny Black Forest in Germany whilst Mike is updated on the horrific children's hospital bombing in Ukraine.
  • Blair Reloaded

    New Labour dinosaurs are stomping round Westminster again as Mike exposes the figures pulling the strings of Starmer's new government. Mike also chats Euros with Harry Redknapp and the Tories are still all at sea with Kevin Hollinrake MP
  • Party's over

    As the country wakes up to a new Labour government, Mike Graham is joined by Richard Tice, Claire Pearsall and Edwina Currie to discuss what the results mean for the future.
  • Election Selection

    Nigel Farage hits the ground running in the last day before the polls open whilst we get the latest predictions from Ipsos and talk about the big election issue of housing with our expert.
  • Part Time PM

    In the wake of Biden's disastrous debate, Mike is joined by Bob Mulholland to discuss how fit the president is to run for office. Also, Maria Caulfield joins the show to talk about Sir Keir Starmer's admission that he'll be clocking off work at 6pm if he becomes prime minister.
  • Loaded Questions

    Mike has a slanging match with a former BBC presenter over Nigel's pasting on Question Time whilst looking ahead to England's quarter-final match with Switzerland and the fading interest in the missing Jay Slater
  • Biden's Babbling Balls Up

    Mike has a row with a Democrat strategist who thinks Joe Biden isn't going senile. Isabel Oakeshott is on the scene with alleged crisis actor Reform campaigner and Education Secretary Gillian Keegan updates us on the Tory campaign with one week left.