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Morning Glory with Mike Graham

More Nurses Not Numpties

Mike speaks to the legendary Andrew Neil on the election whilst having a scrap with Royal College of Nursing director over woke diversity roles in the NHS. - Plus, political analysis from Theo Usherwood.

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  • Rights or Wrong?

    Mike will be back next week but filling in for him today on Morning Glory is Talk's own Ian Collins. He is joined by Tom Tugendhat, Alethea Warrington and Norman Brennan to discuss the Tory leadership race, Labour's plans for wind energy and the distressing images emerging from Manchester airport.
  • Beeb's Big Earners

    David Bull fills in for Mike Graham while he's away, and today he is joined by John Mair for a fiery debate over BBC salaries, before talking to Roy Lilley about GPs voting on collective action.
  • Kamala Coronation?

    David Bull fills in for Mike today and is joined by guests Michael Trujillo, Emily Konstantas and Ryan Sabey. Together they delve into the U.S. elections, the worrying rise in misogyny among teenage boys, and what's next for the Conservative party.
  • Joe Bye-den

    Filling in for Mike this week is David Bull, and today he is joined by James Ball and Laurie Laird to discuss the global IT outage and Biden backing out of the election campaign.
  • Secret Disservice

    In the wake of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, David Bull is joined by Asha Castleberry Hernandez to discuss how a shooter was able to slip through security. Then, Marilyn Devonish gives her thoughts on the default right to flexible working outlined in the King's speech, and Isabel Oakeshott discusses the UK's migrant situation under Labour.
  • Bend My Ear

    David Bull is joined by Charles Feldman, Katie Davis and Chris Philip to discuss the Republican convention, Jay Slater and the future of Tory leadership.
  • Hangover Monday

    Filling in for Mike Graham today is Talk's own Dr David Bull. He is joined by Shebahn Aherne, Laurie Laird and Lisa Nandy to discuss England's Euro final loss and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.
  • The 58-Year Itch...

    England stand on the verge of glory after beating the Netherlands 2-1 in the 2024 Euros. Harry Redknapp gives us the analysis and we catch up with an England superfan on the German Autobahn whilst Peter Hitchens covers the other stories of the day.
  • Burnout Bozos

    Mike reveals the workshy doctors who can't do more than three days a week whilst callers with labour intensive jobs say they manage six days a week. Plus Commons updates from former deputy speaker Nigel Evans and Starmer's dithering on defence spending with Professor Anthony Glees.