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Morning Glory with Mike Graham

Missing migrants

Morning Glory with Mike Graham brings you the best bits of Mike's new breakfast show. Here, Mike talks to Conservative Commentator Benedict Spence about the the top stories of the day including the missing migrants the Home Office can't locate.

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  • Southgate's Shambles

    Mike is joined by Tom Slater from Spiked Online to discuss last night's election debate, and Gareth Southgate's s
  • Total Wipeout?

    Author and columnist Peter Hitchens joins Mike to discuss the polls which predict a Tory wipeout, while Richard Tice discusses Reform UK's biggest donor, Zia Yusuf.
  • Donor Defects

    Mike spoke to former Conservative donor turned Labour voter, John Caudwell. While an exclusive Talk investigation found the number of dangerous dog destroyed last year was up 70%.
  • Emperor's New Clothes

    Mike is joined by Tom Slater from Spiked Online to discuss the day's papers as Gary Lineker is accused of breaking BBC rules again.
  • Opposition Overtake

    Mike is joined by Benedict Spence and Richard Tice to discuss the day's papers as Reform overtakes the Tories in the polls.
  • Rishi vs. Robot

    Mike is joined by Helen Joyce to discuss the drop in support for people to change sex on their birth certificates. Then, Peter Hitchens gives his views on Labour's manifesto.
  • Wednesday Is The New Friday

    As the Uk's economy stalls and unemployment reaches new highs, Mike Graham is joined by Theo Usherwood to discuss today's papers and Sunak's D-Day interview, Plus, Ben Newman from Animal Rising is grilled on why the movement decided to paste Wallace and Gromit over the King's portrait.
  • Quinoa Salad

    Mike Graham is joined by Emma Wolf, John Rentoul and Kate Palmer to discuss Britain's 12 year old machete murderers, the launch of the Tory party manifesto and navigating workplace relationships. Also, can we guess who you will vote for based on your favourite biscuit?
  • Rise of the Right

    Mike is joined by Zoe Grunewald and Roger Gewolb to discuss the rise of the right in the EU election, Plus, Lawrence Butterfield discusses the UK's sicknote culture.