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Lest We Forget

Former MEP Alex Phillips kicks off todays show as we delve into the mornings headlines as Prime Minister Sunak pledges two more barges holding 1,000 migrants will be in place within months, vows Rishi Sunak and despite growing Brexit woes amongst remainers the UK has defied Brexit fears by topping Europe for finance investing. Director for the Centre For Migration And Economic Prosperity Steven Woolfe joins shortly to discuss further the nation's migration crisis as a survey finds that half of young Albanians want to come to Britain despite risks of crossing the channel. Author of “A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic” Laura Dodsworth returns for her weekly takedown of the top headlines from clown world as a new report finds the 'benefits'; of lockdown were ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the costs’, we also ask why Anglo-Saxons aren’t real according to Cambridge in an effort to fight ‘nationalism’. Conservative MP For Stoke On Trent North Jonathan Gullis returns to the home of common sense to provide his view on Sunaks plans to defy the House of Lords as net migration continues to soar, Founder of UsForThem Molly Kingsley joins Mike to discuss her front page story in The Telegraph this morning for being cast as an extremist during lockdown, and Andrew Whitmarsh from the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth closes the show to commemorate the fallen veterans who fought for our freedom during the second world war. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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  • Wednesday Is The New Friday

    As the Uk's economy stalls and unemployment reaches new highs, Mike Graham is joined by Theo Usherwood to discuss today's papers and Sunak's D-Day interview, Plus, Ben Newman from Animal Rising is grilled on why the movement decided to paste Wallace and Gromit over the King's portrait.
  • Quinoa Salad

    Mike Graham is joined by Emma Wolf, John Rentoul and Kate Palmer to discuss Britain's 12 year old machete murderers, the launch of the Tory party manifesto and navigating workplace relationships. Also, can we guess who you will vote for based on your favourite biscuit?
  • Rise of the Right

    Mike is joined by Zoe Grunewald and Roger Gewolb to discuss the rise of the right in the EU election, Plus, Lawrence Butterfield discusses the UK's sicknote culture.
  • Dereliction of Duty

    The bottom drops out on the Tory election battle as Rishi Sunak abandons D-Day veterans for an interview with ITV. Dan Hodges and Isabel Oakeshott weigh in as Labour announce they will recognise the State of Palestine if they win the election.
  • Brothers In Arms: D-Day 80th Anniversary

    On the anniversary of D-Day, Mike looks to the memorial in Normandy with Major General Chip Chapman and Britain's own memorials remembering the fallen with Talk correspondent Nick Ellerby. Plus Peter Hitchens warns of the red danger posed by Labour.
  • Our Finest Hour

    Mike chats to Nick Ellerby and Colonel Simon Diggins on D-Day 80th anniversary events after an election TV debate catch-up with pollster Scarlett Maguire. Mike finishes up with the looming industrial disputes facing whatever government we have next.
  • Making Plans For Nigel

    Nigel Farage has burst onto the election scene standing in Clacton and Mike catches up with deputy Reform UK leader, Ben Habib and Isabel Oakeshott with her bombshell analysis. Mike also catches up with a political vocal coach who knows all the tricks used from Tony Blair to Adolf Hitler.
  • More Nurses Not Numpties

    Mike speaks to the legendary Andrew Neil on the election whilst having a scrap with Royal College of Nursing director over woke diversity roles in the NHS. - Plus, political analysis from Theo Usherwood.
  • Tango Down

    Donald Trump is convicted in a New York court, Mike chats to American experts on whether this was a fair trial or a kangaroo court