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Hitchens' Half Hour: Welby The Determined, Drug Driving On The Rise, Labour Young Voter Plan

Peter Hitchens joins Mike at The Independent Republic to discuss the past weeks headlines. This week Mike and Peter discuss how drug driving is now more widespread than drink driving according to a police report, Labours plans to let EU nationals and 16-year-olds vote and why exactly Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is planning to to step up his attacks on the government with an 'unprecedented' attempt to change the latest migration law in the House of Lords. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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  • Moody Blues

    Mike chews the fat with political editor of the Sun, Harry Cole, over the big stories of the day and leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, slams the Labour and Tory leaders whilst special guest, Simon Lancaster, unveils why the way Sunak & Starmer talk makes them seem so dull.
  • Lad's Army

    Mike blows the lid on the Tories' new national service plan for 18-year-olds and speaks directly to the Israeli government on the Rafah offensive whilst having a Royal flush with Kinsey Schofield
  • Weekend Special: Nice Gaffe

    Sit back for your bank holiday as Mike recalls the legendary gaffes of politics and some of his own.
  • Use Your Noodle...

    Mike looks ahead to the weekend with a crazed airline passenger taking pounds of pot noodles aboard flights as the Tories crash in the polls after more defections. Mike also tears into the conveniently timed energy price cap cut... just in time for the election.
  • Things Can Only Get Wetter

    Sunak pulls the trigger on the election pistol as Mike discusses all the Tory turmoil with Tim Montgomerie, digging the dirt behind number 10 with Nadine Dorries and the pothole menace sweeping the country with Mr Pothole himself.
  • Royal Fail

    Mike's agog at police being told not to arrest anybody whilst digging deep into Paula Vennells questioning at the Post Office scandal hearing, Mike also investigates the turbulence that kills a British man aboard a jumbo jet in Singapore.
  • Pride & Groom

    It's all rage as Mike chats with Ben Habib on migration failures, Dr Alan Mendoza on Julian Assange fighting extradition and Jo Mackie on the trans community weaponising employment law.
  • Tooth & Fail

    Mike delves into the details of the infected blood scandal, the stalking mania of Fiona Harvey on Sir Keir and the dentist deserts meaning you can't get an appointment.
  • Tax wound

    Mike takes on the Shadow Secretary of State for Science over Labour's rumoured tax hikes, Alberto Costa MP about the parole hearing of Colin Pitchfork and Sadiq Khan stepping out of the pecking order having a go at Donald Trump