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The George Bento trial: How the Brazilian Deliveroo cyclist walked free

Earlier this week, George Gonzaga Bento walked out of Dublin’s Central Criminal Court, a free man. The 36-year-old from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, had spent the last 16 months in custody, accused of murdering teenager Josh Dunne in January 2021. 16-year-old Josh died from stab wounds inflicted by Bento, during a fight over a stolen bike in Dublin’s East Wall. After a six-week trial, the jury found Bento not guilty on all counts, accepting his plea of self-defence. Court reporters Alison O’Riordan and Eoin Reynolds reflect on the events of January 2021, the six-week trial that followed and how George Bento convinced the jury to let him walk free.

Hosted by Sorcha Pollak and produced by Suzanne Brennan.

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